Nina Dobrev or Kristen Stewart: A Vampire Crush Conundrum

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Okay, okay, Robert Pattinson fans. You win. We'll stop comparing other young actors to this Twilight hunk.

In a pair of recent polls, readers have strongly supported Pattinson when asked if he was the hottest actor in Hollywood to portray a vampire on screen.

Robsten in Bed!

But what about Robert's rumored girlfriend? Is Kristen Stewart the prettiest actress to play the object of a bloodsucker's affection?

Best known for her role as Bella Swan in the movie version of Stephenie Meyer's book series, Stewart might wanna keep an eye on Nina Dobrev. This 20-year old has landed the role of Elena Gilbert on the upcoming CW series The Vampire Diaries.

Like Bella, Elena is totally crushed on by a vampire (actually, two vampires), prompting us to wonder: Which actress would you prefer to sink your teeth into? Let us know below!

Which star is the cuter vampire crush?


defenitley nina dobrev she is wayy cuter than kristen stewart the vampire diaries is the best movie ever! by the way i like her look.

No twilight go the vampire diaries

oh Nina Dobrev is 1000>0 than Kristen Stewart. PLS- UNDERSTAND IT!!!!!!!!!


I don't think TVD is a rip off of Twilight...technically TVD books came out years before Twilight..and the only thing is that it came out this year when Twilight is a big hit...nevertheless i like TVD's more realistic than Twilight...(I refer to the Books though...)


i totally agree with alice what great timing the vampire diaries come out with a show, there totally trying to feed off of the twilight saga's fame, obviously the vampire diaries aren't all that cuz they would have been had there own movies, but they dont so oh well!!!:)


yes, but is it just a coincidence that it comes out after all the success twilight has got? go bella :)


Sweetie, the Vampire Diaries was thought of way before Twilight was even heard of. It came out in 1991, so REALITY CHECK! TVD is so much better. Edward isn't even a real vampire. Heh.


that is so f*cking retarded!!! that show is almost like ripping off Twilight! DEFINITELY KRISTEN STEWART


OMG I totally love Vampire Diaries. Can't wait for the show!!

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