Nina Dobrev or Kristen Stewart: A Vampire Crush Conundrum

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Okay, okay, Robert Pattinson fans. You win. We'll stop comparing other young actors to this Twilight hunk.

In a pair of recent polls, readers have strongly supported Pattinson when asked if he was the hottest actor in Hollywood to portray a vampire on screen.

Robsten in Bed!

But what about Robert's rumored girlfriend? Is Kristen Stewart the prettiest actress to play the object of a bloodsucker's affection?

Best known for her role as Bella Swan in the movie version of Stephenie Meyer's book series, Stewart might wanna keep an eye on Nina Dobrev. This 20-year old has landed the role of Elena Gilbert on the upcoming CW series The Vampire Diaries.

Like Bella, Elena is totally crushed on by a vampire (actually, two vampires), prompting us to wonder: Which actress would you prefer to sink your teeth into? Let us know below!

Which star is the cuter vampire crush?

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Yes, Kristen is pretty....but shes not that pretty. Whereas Nina,WOW.....She's gorgeous in every way :D And The Vampire Diaries kicks twilight's butt to be honest!! I really don't see what the whole excitement and obsession is over twilight...what's so good about it??!! i really don't get it.


I really dont like any of them but if i have to choose i would say that Kirsten S is much prettier than Nina.But I like vampire diaries better tha twiligh. Nina is so full of herself and shes not prettie at all.


Nina has such a great charisma!!!!!!!!!!!


kristen is ok ... and NINAAA IS SOOOO PRETTYYY... NATURAL BEAUTYYY !!!!!!! i love nina, go vampire diaries !!! TVD 4ever


Kristen stewart cause shes cool,nice and funny. she drooped her awrds at teh 2009 mtv movie awards :)
kristen is pretty i dont know why people say she isnt but she is.


iloveboth nina and kristen but ithink nina is prettier then kristen i still love kristen though there both really nice peoplexx


Nina dobrev is much more prettier than Krisen Stewart wen i compare them both nina dobrev is always looking betterxx


THANK YOU Mina, Megan, and hanan!! I totally agree with all of you! And plz, Bernadette, get over yourself and your twilight obsession!! VAMPIRE DIARIES CAME OUT WAYYYY BEFORE TWILIGHT AND IT DOESN'T MATTER IF THE SHOW JUST STARTED CUZ IT IS WAYYYY BETTER THAN TWILIGHT!! KRISTEN STEWART IS A HORRIBLE ACTRESS AND NINA DOBREV IS AMAZING!!! AND A WHOLE LOT PRETTIER!!!!! Kristen Stewart always has this blank look and her mouth hanging open whihc makes her either look high or dead!!!


i like both but sorry girls you really CANT beat TWILIGHT!!!! LOVE IT!!!!


Vickain and alice i tottaly disagree tvd is wayyyyy better than the twilight!!!! Actually the twilight series think theyre all that. But really, they suck!!! Everdody likes nina cause on the show she shows exppression and acts better and is a wayy better actress than that fuckin KRISTEN STEWART! Vickain sweetie it does not matter if its a show or a movie.U too Alice. Its better to have the vd the same as it, as a show cause the episode ends tottaly dramatic , so, its better cuzz you'll want to to watch the next episode . And kristen Stewart does not even talk that much so how can she be the best actress. Nina Dobrev is the best celebirty ever. So if u hate her then u suck,and should shut the fuck up! I cant belive u like that retarted SLUT!!!!!!!! However who ever likes Nina Dobrev thank u for supporting her. Nina Dobrev is the +1 actress iin the whole world!! who ever likes that girl instead of Nina ur a SLUT!!!!!!

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