Nina Dobrev or Kristen Stewart: A Vampire Crush Conundrum

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Okay, okay, Robert Pattinson fans. You win. We'll stop comparing other young actors to this Twilight hunk.

In a pair of recent polls, readers have strongly supported Pattinson when asked if he was the hottest actor in Hollywood to portray a vampire on screen.

Robsten in Bed!

But what about Robert's rumored girlfriend? Is Kristen Stewart the prettiest actress to play the object of a bloodsucker's affection?

Best known for her role as Bella Swan in the movie version of Stephenie Meyer's book series, Stewart might wanna keep an eye on Nina Dobrev. This 20-year old has landed the role of Elena Gilbert on the upcoming CW series The Vampire Diaries.

Like Bella, Elena is totally crushed on by a vampire (actually, two vampires), prompting us to wonder: Which actress would you prefer to sink your teeth into? Let us know below!

Which star is the cuter vampire crush?


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This shouldn't even be allowed to be a question. Who in their right mind would choose Kristen!?


it is not a question to ask......... ofcourse nina is better than that tantrum girl who doesnt know how to act


@ROBSTEN Are you kidding?!
Nina is soo much more gorgeous, as were kristen stewart
isn't that good looking, Nina's also a much better actor than her.
And when I watch movies that kristen stewart is in, her actings pretty boring, and not that skilled.
Nina dobrev FTW!! I'm also glad that I seen her in person as well!! :D


FUCK U TVD.......FUCK U TVD.......TVD Doesnt have even half popularity as TWILIGHT Has........each movie of twilight is a superhit even before it is released.......SO TWILIGHT ALL THE WAY..


I think nina is tvd.


Nina all the way.Kristen doesn't make it


nina is the best any way
I think kristen is so pretty but nina is prettier than her


Nina is so pretty and natural i


i like kristen stewart but i like nina too but i didnt like twilight and i love tvd and read the books i dont know maybe because kristen is more rosy then nina but nina is pretty too so i cant decide maybe ill choose them both haha but nina is more girlie than kristen but i love rosy girls but still i cant decide which one haha


Kristen Stewart is the best!!!!