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i think that people need to just leave Kristen alone...she is not a "Twitchy" actress she is playing bella and bella in the book is akward and that is what she is trying to do okay so leave it be. but i also love Robert i also agree that they should not put him in the movie becaus ein the end of the book i bet a lot of people were happy he was back and if he is appering every where then it wont make it as fun. Second Laurant does not fight back he runs away so that is a little weird. and last WTF is up with the tade thing they ar enot going to make him ask her to marry him???????


Hmmm, the question wasn't really about acting ability was it!?

As for the changes made from the book to the movie, it's obvious that there have to be some changes. Some things that work in a book just don't work in a film adaption. In the book, there's all this description about Edward's tone of voice etc which really paints the picture in the mind but i think in the movie it'd just seem a bit random to have RPattz do a voice-over!? At least if we get to see his facial expressions, it might make up for the description which we got in the book!?

I know Laurent doesn't get a chance to fight back in the book but i guess it'll make for a good action scene like the one with James in Twilight. The proof will be in the pudding I guess, we'll just have to wait til November.

And as for the change of ultimatum, well I can't really pass comment on that until I know what it is can I? hint hint, nudge, nudge, wink, wink ;)


even though i love Robert i wanted it to be a complete absense to give it more feeling but it's going to be great seeing a little bit more of Robert.. woohoo. I don't mind the action bit but changing the ultimatum?? WTF?! They can't do THAT, it's just the best part of the book and i hope they don't but i think they're messing up the book. OMG! Let's just hope it's something better even though i can't think of something better..lol


I think R Pattinson is really gorgeous. I'm just putting that out there. But before people start bitching away about Kristen Stewart's twitchy acting, they should really take a close look at M'sieu Pattinson's acting. Umm, twitchy, maybe not. Affected and bizarre? check.

Like I said, I love me some Rpatz, but there's no question that, of the two, Ms. Stewart is the better, more emotive actor. Pattinson's looks get uniformly rave reviews, but have you ever heard anyone comment on what a good actor he is? Thought not. Kstew, on the other hand, has garnered critical oohs and ahs for amazing performances in Speak, Into the Wild, and Adventureland.

Bottom line, the two have amazing chemistry, but let's be clear, the fauning adoration of Rpatz has nothing, but nothing to do with his acting ability. Just as the tween adoration of S. Meyer's books have nothing to do with her clunky juvenile writing.


The problem is we wont be able to see Pattinson for 2 hours. I am not remotely interested in watching Lautner pretend to be butch and Kristen Stewart twitchy acting is a pain. Fleeting glimpses of Pattinson arent enough.

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