New Moon Spoilers: Changes Abound!

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Photos from the New Moon set revealed Robert Pattinson and company hard at work.

Now, Life & Style is revealing secrets from the upcoming film's script.

Think you're familiar with the story of Edward and Bella in this follow-up to Twilight? Think again. On key plot points, the big screen adaption will differ greatly from the book. For example...

  • In the novel, Edward never actually appears; he's simply a voice in Bella's head. But, come on, the movie had to showcase Pattinson on screen.

Look for Edward to appear like an apparition in New Moon, a development that created concern for the actor: "I really wanted it to be a complete absence. It’s easier to give it more power at the end if I’m completely absent."

  • The movie will depict an action-filled scene that doesn't take place in the book, as Laurent fights back against the werewolves that destroy him in the original story.
  • Finally, in Stephenie Meyer's adventure, Edward says he'll turn Bella into a vampire only if they wed. In the film, however, he offers a different ultimatum. (You don't really wanna know every detail ahead of time, do you?!?)

What do you think of these changes, New Moon readers? Good? Bad? Or do you not care as long as you can stare at Robert Pattinson for two hours?

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Oh My God I Dont Want Them To Change It Too Much! And Now I Really Want To Know What Other Ultimatium He Gives Her...But Wait If He Doesnt Give Her The Marriage Ultimatium (sorry cant spell it) Then Isnt That Going To Screw Up The Whole Saga? OMG!! =OOO


ok...the whole not proposing thing is a bit dumb. it creates the third and fourth books. i think they should have kept it to show young ladies the importance of waiting until marriage to have sex. it shows the love you should have for one another. its not as special if they dont have the whole marriage delima. but maybe they have something good up there sleaves. i guess we will see in november.


If you read the books Bella is a nervous clutz...She stumbles falls stutters and it a very awkward Girl..So i think Kristen does a great job and Bella is very much like her..At the end of the Day Rob is not the only actor and too be a true Twilight fan read the books as it's not about Edward (even though we all love him) The series is actually a story about Bella Swan and it is told as her story..want his version read midnight sun when it comes out.New Moon will be a very exciting movie..Heart ache excitment and you wont understand eclipse if you dont watch/read New Moon .Twilight Saga Rocks Love one love them all


please if anyone knows what the ultimatum is he offers her in the movie tell us. The script was leaked a while ago and some people read it so they might know. hopefully it might stick to the same lines and be about her and him living together or something. i dunno but i hope they make it good. all the magazines have said it is very different and all... so i dunno. i hope it sticks to the plot of edward wanting to be with bella for ever. Another thing i dont get.. in the twilight book, when there in her room one time, she asks if they will ever get married... and he says 'probly not', then in new moon they both like switch opinions. confusing??? please reply to me. i want to hear your thoughts.




I LOVE YU EDDDY CULLEN BUT YOUR A JURK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


i still think it will be really good... so its not as close to the book as most of us want it to be ... but hey! they arent miracle workers its a movie they cant have everything exact! i am a little disappointed that they dont have the marriage ultimation... i realy wanted to see rob and Kristen act that out.. but the surprise ultimation may be just as good.... wel just have to wait untill November... so excited :D


Taking out the marriage will make everyone hate New Moon jsut as much as they did Twilight. That is a key part and I dont see why they feel the need to ruin the movies when the books are so amazing!


I have no problem with "some" changes because I know that is necessary to bring a book to film. The thing that bugs me is that they say that the change some of these things so that the "younger fans" can see the movie but don't they realize that these "fans" have already read the books and they know what is going to happen and that is why they LOVE the story so much!!! The whole changing the ultimatum thing bothers me the most. I am holding out hope that the are only doing it to make the proposal in Eclipse bigger and better!


I loved all the books, and I think that the second one was my favorite so I hope they didn't change it around too much. I mean, I saw Twilight before I read the book, and I still though the movie was great. I wonder what Edward's new ultimatum will be, instead of Bella marrying him. I thought that was a good compromise about Bella marrying him, so I hope that the new ultimatum will be better.