Negus Sealy: Rihanna's New (Old) Boyfriend?

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Since she's been back in her native Barbados, Rihanna has looked happy - no small feat after enduring an "alleged" assault at the hands of beau Chris Brown.

According to reports, this transformation may have come about because she’s back in the arms of her ex-boyfriend, fellow Barbados native Negus Sealy, 24.

“Rihanna and Negus both realized there was still a strong sexual attraction between them and became inseparable. Whenever Rihanna went to the beach or out partying, Negus was always there," a source tells the UK's News of the World.

The friend adds: "They have been very careful not to be seen too closely together, though, as they’re still trying to keep their relationship secret.”

Negus Sealy Picture

Negus Sealy, who’s also apparently known as the local “Love God,” and Rihanna definitely make a cute couple, as the older photo of them above makes clear.

But one of Rihanna's relatives, who asked not to be named in the story, confirmed: "The family is delighted about her seeing [Negus Sealy] again."

Last month, her father, Ronald Fenty, said fairly emphatically that Brown is old news. Perhaps he was referring to her rekindled romance with Sealy!

Chris Brown has pleaded not guilty to assaulting her. Some say his defense may hinge upon the haunting, leaked photo of a battered Rihanna.

What do you think of the star's rumored romance? Should Rihanna date the Love God, Negus Sealy, or give Chris Brown another chance?


Life is a road with a lots of signs and if Rihanna decides to go back to her old friend thats her decision.I love her and will support her but only she can decide one thing I ask of her is dont rush yourself back into a ralationship untill u r feeling secure within your heart that this is what u want dont bend under the pressure of family and friends and we joe public u r 2 beautiful 2 talented.If a man loves a woman how can he hurt her physically,and then expect her to comfortable around him.I wish u all the best and want to see u bounce back better than before u r to us our Carribean Queen.1 love


i agree with you island babes. we as people need to let the girl do her thing. we all have made mistakes, rhianna is young and is making hers. her business is none of ours. i say to her live your life girl. too hell with the public. no matter what you will always be in the public eye and someone will comment on you. all i will say to her is to put god first, he is one man who will never ever fail her.


i say, there is nothing sweeter than your own. if that is what she wants let them be. if he is a player, how far do you really think he will get????????????


I think people need to mind their own buisness , i know in the Caribbean we love to gossip , because we are small island and we have nothing much to do most of the time because our social life is limited , but whats your excuses . Leave the woman alone what she wants to do its no one buisness she have her life to live who have a problem with that too bad , she is making millions while some of us hundreds and we are still making her buisness our problem .


I think Rihanna loved Negus Sealy dearly.Thats why she had to rush back to him after the break-up with Chris-Brown.


What is going on? Let her live. Who are we to judge?


what the hell these comments are so stupid and the story is so twisted....negus and rihanna are just friends...those pics are old ...he looks better now ...he still cool...they were neva a couple like that..just friends... oh and the whole "love god " thing ...that is sooooo much BS...noone calls him that ...that's way too corny for c'mon i know the guy , guys don't take it from me)


Is this the same Nexus who has dreads that used to whip her butt? She said he broke her heart!!! That man is a wild man..why she so into thugs!!! Get a life girl!!!

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