Mother of Jon Gosselin Blasts "Twisted" Coverage of Son

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Oh, that poor, innocent Jon Gosselin.

The man that invited reality TV cameras into his home (and who married that nag of a wife) is a victim of an unfair media. So claims a totally unbiased source: Jon's mother, Pamela.

"I don't think he will ever be portrayed fairly," Pamela said to Star, after the tabloid shamelessly tracked her down at home. "It's always twisted... I don't think it's fair, and it never will be."

Over the past few weeks, of course, Jon has been accused of shagging Deanna Hummel, agreeing to a marriage contract that allows for cheating and possibly violating child labor laws in the state of Pennsylvania.

In fact, here's a look back at the last couple months in the lives of Jon and his annoying wife Kate. Click on each photo to enlarge it:

Proof of Cheating
An Affair, Covered
Mom to Monster!
Kate Gosselin and Paul Teutul
Bad Role Models

I did not have to read this article to know that Jon's mother would support him and his actions. This is so typical of a "weak" woman who gives birth to a child; then, allows it to grown up without morals or supervision. It takes nothing to get Fxxxxd, then produce an offspring. It takes a responsible parent to product a responsible person. I don't feel sorry for the children because they are being raised by a strong, considerate, disciplines, mature woman. All the other woman (and men) who speak ill of Kate are probably just like Jon's mother, i.e. weak, intimadated by their own shadow, so social skills, innept as a parent. Three cheers for KATE, ! ! !. If more women were like Kate, we wouldn't have so many men like Jon on this planet.


John is another dead beat dad that fell for a gold digger, homewrecker. He is excited about his freedom???? How can a sperm donor that produce 8 innocent children be free??? Kate married a child. She did not have 8 children she had 9 and maybe that big baby boy was too much for her to handle. Grow up John Gosselin.
Quit thinking with your little head.


Kate is on the prowl. The orange bikini says it all. She didn't wear it when the whole family went to N.C. last year did she when Jon was there? Apparently she's thinking she's a movie star now, posing in her bikini. She's a phoney - don't know how he puts up with her. The way she treats him, especially at the toy store embarrassing him in front of everyone. If he's smart, he'll move on - see the kids and start living a normal life without her. Kate says she worries when the kids get bigger, know why? Because she won't be able to control them and that will drive her crazy.


One can tell by watching Jon that this has been a very painful journey - and has been for the last couple of years. He has always seemed to have the best interest of his family at heart and has endured more than anyone should have to in terms of abuse of his personal dignity. He said someday his kids will google him; he shoulder remember they also will have the tapes of the shows which will undoubtedly help them understand any "bad decisions" on his part.


Jon started this whole mess, if not for his idiotic actions the last few months, there would be no backlash, including so called child abuse. All he had to do was be cool for this year, and if they did have problems, he could have addressed it personally instead of letting all this negative media attention given to them. He is just childish, selfish, and so immature for being a father of eight. He let his whole family down, not once, but so many many times.


These stories now are all bull, the kids have a wonderful life and are very much loved. The rest is just for people who like to bitch about anything they don't know a dam thing about.


Kate has huge issues, I have seen her get frustrated and yank those precious children around just cause she is in a bad surprised Jon has not left her long ago,,, its not like she does all this taking care of the children by herself,,,i have never met someone with such n attitude as hers. She acts like she is "queen" and jon needs to do everything she wants and when she wants it done. 1st off, i dont even think she is attractive and 2nd off why would Jon want to be intimate with someone who is a total B@#CH to him,,if he did cheat , i honestly dont blame him. and the children are not having a real loving mom like every child should,,,,Kate is a phony, hypocritical fake andi belive jon should take his children and get rid of MISS Snotty have it her way or no way. And to kate, You seriously need some anger management and physchiatric help!!!!!!


Jon's mother is not Mrs. Gosselin. Are you sure you talked to the right person? If you had to track her down, then you should know it is not Gosselin.


Kate Gosselin is a greedy, abusive, control freak.


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