Miley Cyrus Sucks, Creates Debate Over Her Body

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Miley Cyrus is not remotely fat.

But she is desperate for attention and pity.

Apparently - after seeing all the headlines garnered by Jessica Simpson's overweight debate - Cyrus has decided to stir up her very own body controversy.

The day after a few pics of Miley in a bikini surfaced online, the actress took to her Twitter account and critiqued her own figure:

"i just jiggled my thighs and they shook on their own for 3 mississipis no more late night lucky charms," she wrote.

Young Bikini Babe
Miley Cyrus, Bikini Pic

Miley Cyrus bikini photos have stirred up controversy between Miley Cyrus and... Miley Cyrus.

A short time later, however, Cyrus suddenly took offense to people (such as herself) that demeaned her body, Tweeting:

"Talk all you want. i have my flaws. im a normal girl theres things about my body i would change but stop with calling me f*t in post. i dont...even like the word. those remarks that you hateful people use are fighting words."

We challenge anyone to search the Internet and come up with a single blog that refers to Cyrus as "fat." Immature, egocentric and manufactured-by-Disney? Sure. But never "fat."

These Twitter postings mean one of two things:

  1. Cyrus has multiple personality disorder;
  2. Or she's so desperate for attention that she's actually creating her very own weight controversy.

Fans ought to be concerned either way.


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miley you are a good singer im a big fan but i dont like the way you sell your body please stop or youre fans will go away


Little princess, how old are you? My point in the brain washing of little kids!


I am sorry but she has the body of a line backer and nothing she can do about that! The girl isn't ugly, but Disney sure did a great job at brain washing little kids again. This is the worst talent that has come out of Disney is so long! It makes me sick to see, because there are so many real talents out there and for her to be where she is? just goes to show you what good promoting can do! It really actually SAD!


Даа... Какой кошмар!


i think she is 23.14% mentaL.


i call myself fat too...alot of teenage girls do.
and someone probably did call her fat...some obnoxious jealous bitchy the people who run this website.


that girl is soo desperate for attention


biggest thing of it all is u cant stop miley from being a nice person ha aha ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahaaha


just freaking leave miley alone. im not a big fan, but it bugs me when people decide that shes doing something horrible when shes being a normal teenage girl. shes way better than the typical girls in my school. do you see her partying and drinking and being a druggie ? no. is she being abnormally whoreish ? no. i thought it was pretty fricken mature of her to laugh all of those comments off. we all get defensive when people attack us like you people always attack miley. and yet she shrugs it off. attacking a 16 year old. id say you people are the immature ones.


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