Miley Cyrus Compares Jesus to Neosporin

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It's a question asked often by Christians:

What would Jesus do?

Total Mess

While we don't claim to be experts on the long-haired Messiah, we have a feeling he'd tell Miley Cyrus to shut the heck up.

In a recent Twitter post, Cyrus compared Jesus to both a first aid balm and an expensive fashion company. To wit:

We don't know the identity of Twitter user "@jordanyup," but we do know that Neosporin is an antibiotic ointment that's used in the prevention of infection.

Let's hope Miley and Justin Gaston are using a lot more than it in their sex life, however. Otherwise, instead of asking what Jesus would do, Cyrus will be calling Bristol Palin for advice.


she is a good person, Jesus would love to let her love the one she loves :)


Wow just when I couldn't think you could get anymore ridicilous than this... this is really insensitive of you, incase you haven't noticed MILEY HAS MADE PROMISES TO STAY PURE!!! So what sex life are you talking about you pack of flippen idiots....


i think it's cool that miley belives in God, even though she's a celeberty.


ive been trying to say this for the past couple of months...but ive been blocked by the hollywood gossip to the point in which i had to change my name..but beside that...The hollywood gossip clearly has a bias against Miley and will post any article that makes her look bad...Its getting to the point of just being annoying


I agree with Stan - this is such a stupid attempt to smear Miley & Justin again. She & Justin & their frined Jordan are church buddies & are twittering like friends do - the real meanings are their own - probably a code like conversation to avoid garbage like this.


WOW, I fail to see how this post is related to Miley's dating habits. You really must hate her. I think you need some Neosporin to help treat your infected mind and to prevent it from getting infected worse.

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