Michael Lohan Threatens to Kill Fiancee, Self

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Since his release from prison, Michael Lohan has often encouraged daughter Lindsay to follow the path of God.

In light of his most recent arrest, though, we can't help but wonder if God would like to request a new mouthpiece.

According to The New York Post, the Lohan patriarch is in trouble with the law again. On March 18, fiancee Erin Muller tried to dump Michael. In response, he allegedly threatened to kill her and then himself.

You don't deserve to die for making a poor dating decision, Erin Muller. But Michael Lohan? Really?!?

The newspaper reports that Lohan was arrested on April 6. He appeared in court yesterday and faces a year behind bars if convicted on the latest charges.

Meanwhile, Michael is due in family court today. He owes $12,000 in child support.

This guy almost makes Dina Lohan seem like a model parent. Only not at all.

** UPDATE: Michael told E! News: "By no means did I threaten to cause harm to Erin or myself.... Erin even told the court that she didn't want to pursue anything. It's all going to be dropped."


I'm sorry but I can't help but giggle a bit with this douchebag on the loose. Talk about handling rejection with class.
Did he think she was going to wait for him while he was taking it up the pooper while singing in the prison shower? I don't think that being the father of a glorified ginger helps out in prison. He definitely was a catcher in there...
I know he has come out a different man, but the angry closet homesexual look is kinda retro at this point.
On a side note, why is he forced to pay child support when his daughter is making millions and spending it all on cocaine and ugly lesbian late night bingers.
This guy isn't even a celebrity so he actually needs to be locked up or put in a phsychiatric hospital (preferably the latter) so that I don't have to read about him anymore.
I can hear it now over the hospital's PA system:
"Paging Dr. Doucheroni...we have a middle aged white male suffering from delusions of actually being important!"


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