Melissa Joan Hart Rocks Bikini, Weight Loss Tips

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Looking at bikini photos of Melissa Joan Hart now, it's hard to believe that she was "horrified" by unflattering bathing suit pics of her - or that she has given birth to two kids in the last three years. But the girl looks hella good.

"I still read blogs about me discussing how fat I've become," the former Sabrina, the Teenage Witch star revealed to People magazine in its new issue.

"Everyone still thinks I'm huge," says Hart, 33, who has Mason, 3, and Braydon, 14 months, with husband, Course of Nature singer Mark Wilkerson.

"But I'm not anymore!"

Melissa Joan Hart Bikini Pic
Melissa Joan Hart Nude

Reclaiming her figure took Melissa Joan Hart 14 months of hard work.

"It didn't happen by magic – it was as hard for me as it would be for anyone," Melissa Joan Hart says. "I didn't want to take any time away from my sons."

Hart says there are enormous pressures put on by a public that has grown accustomed to seeing stars get back in skinny jeans mere weeks after giving birth, not to mention anorexic waifs like Lindsay Lohan flaunting their rib cages hard.

Her inspiration to finally get back in the best shape of her life? The women in her life, including her friend, actress Jaime Pressly, who has a son, Dezi, 2.

"I realized I didn't have to be heavy just because I have kids," she says. Adds Pressly: "She took the time to take care of herself. I'm blown away."

To get back in bikini shape, Hart worked with nutritionist Derek Johnson to change her diet. She also hit the gym with trainer Mark Harari.

As for how she feels now? "I feel amazing!" she says. "I had to prove to myself that I could do it. I had to give it a go!"


Dee to be honest, I don't think your words are going to be a great help. You may be 5 foot 3 and weigh between 115-123 but in saying you would feel heavy at 130 is an insult to me whether you mean it or not! I have worked hard because I am getting married, I didn't say that 155 would be ideal what I said is that everyone at 5 ft 2 is not going to be able to reach or mantain a 115lb body, it's not feasible for me, I was 110 lbs when I was 19 and everyone said I had an eating disorder and to be honest I did. And working out like crazy just sounds like a very boring way to live your life. I exercise but I know how to go and enjoy a few drinks with friends, go for a meal with my Fiance and I don't ever want to be at the mercy of an eating disorder again. In you saying you would feel heavy at 130 just makes me still feel heavy, you may not have meant it but you should chose your words more carefully, you never know who might be readin these articles.


You are all so ignorant! See how America is now a days? Everyone is judged on what they weigh and how they look in a bikini and if your ribs aren't showing, your FAT!!! Grow up America! You all need a reality check! Beauty is what is on the inside and you are all ridiculous! Power to the thick and beautiful woman!!


She looks great now. Sorry but 150's is waay overweight for a 5'2 female. That is NOT a normal weight. It may be average now for overweight unhealthy Americans but it's not healthy or "normal." And 138 for someone 5'2 is also considered overweight-not obese but overweight. I'm 5'3 and weight between 115-123 and I workout like crazy and watch my diet. I'm muscular but I would feel heavy at 130.


Lanie, of course build and muscle mass is important too. You shouldn't go by weight but percent body fat. I don't think anyone is saying a 5ft2 person should only be 115lb, just that 155lb is too much even if you have a large muscular build. You must agree as you've lost nearly 30lb yourself. Your ideal weight might be 130lb where as someone's elses might be 115lb. It's all dependant on the person.


I think that's completely worng! I'm 5 ft 2 and I weigh 138 lbs, my waist is a size 10 (uk sizes) and my top half a size 12 (uk sizes) I'm not sure what that is us size, but I don't look or feel overweight at all! I do think your height should be taken into consideration, but also, your build, your bone structure etc. I don't agree with these people saying you should be 115 lbs at 5ft 2, I am currently dieting and have lost 28lbs and I have just 6 to go, I don't want to be any less than about 130-132, I can't carry it off, I'd look sick at 115lbs and would have no interest in being that weight. This whole perfect weight thing is rediculous and its making people paranoid.


You're right sara, she is only 5ft2 and also small framed so 155lb was way too much weight for her short small frame.


Melissa Joan Hart is only 5'2", so of course if she weighed 155 pounds then it would make her appear and feel overweight. When you're that height, you should be more around 110-125 pounds. Anything above that weight for that height really makes a person look overweight. Simple logic: the shorter you are, the less you need to weigh, because it makes you appear stubby. The taller you are, the more flexibility you have to weigh a little more, as you already look lean due to your height.


Well, "normal weight" differs for every person. If you were 110 lbs in college and you looked great back then, then you blew up to 155 after 10 years then wouldn't you consider yourself huge? lol


155 pounds is NOT huge. Its great that she feels so good about loosng weight and working hard to do it. HOWEVER, I think she should have chose her words better. A lot of women would consider 155lbs a normal weight.

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