Lucy Wolvert: Reportedly Dating George Clooney

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With apologies to Andrew Firestone, Jason Mesnick and whatever random, hot dude ABC comes up with next, George Clooney is the true bachelor.

This hunky actor takes full advantage of his single status, dating whichever beautiful cocktail waitress comes his way, treating her well and then moving on when the fun is over.

A year after Clooney split from Sarah Larson, the star has reportedly hooked up with Miami-based waitress Lucy Wolvert, an aspiring model. Sources say the couple has been dating in secret for weeks, but Wolvert can no longer keep the relationship to herself.

"Her crush may have gotten the best of her. George asked Lucy to be discreet, but she's told friends and they've started talking," an insider told Us Weekly.

Wolvert previously dated Landon Lueck from The Real World: Philadelphia. It's safe to say Clooney is an upgrade.

Avatar clooney is not an upgrade from landon lueck !


I think its time George came out of the closet. Personally I heard from a friend that does PR work for George that he and Brad Pitt are a couple.


That's pretty tacky if Lucy's cousin has to get on a gossip site and write to prove Clooney is dating her. FYI, Uh Clooney is F$#^@ING her, not dating, get it right. Clooney has Nothing in common with a 24 year old barmaid, aha, I mean Marketing rep, hmm what are you marketing anyway? DISCREET people, get it? Look up the definition. Look up Class and Discreet and you may learn something.


This isn't phony. She's my cousin. She told me too.


george clooney the reason that lately he has been drinking alot is because he is frushtrated with her he has a hardtime seeing her she wont go see him he is in love with a woman she has two kids twins her name is jasmin and she is a muslim he wants to marey her he is begging her to marry him george go marry her she is the best woman you could have . go for it dont listento other people what they say .it dosent matter by the color and religoin it matters to follow your heart only she loves him and he loves her very much. she is loyal to him and he is loyal to her. she is one of the best girl that you can you can ever dream about .before you lose her go mary her i know for a fact iknow that you love her very much i wish you best for you and her


Ugh, more phoney PR crap.


This is just an act for George, he likes his guy friends back in Italy.


Give her dark hair and she looks like that New York prostitute Ashley DuPre.

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