Lisa Rinna on Swine Flu: Been There, Had That!

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When it comes to our favorite celebrity quotes of the year, it will be hard pressed for anyone to overcome Lil Wayne's take on safe sex.

But washed-up, plastic actress Lisa Rinna is giving it a try!

Lisa Rinna Book

Earlier this week, when asked about swine flu by Entertainment Tonight, Rinna replied:

"I believe we all, except for myself, had the swine flu at our house. How do you know it's the swine flu? I don't know but we had all the symptoms. We had it before it came out. I'm serious. I'm dead serious. We had it at our house, I believe, and everyone is fine."

In other words: a couple members of Rinna's family had a high temperature a few weeks ago.

But, hey, when you haven't starred on a show in years, and when you look like this naked, you'll use any incident you can find to grab headlines.


Let me say this, if I had her money and her body I would be happy to have those lips. God did not bless me like he did Lisa.


Lisa Rinna was such an attractive woman until she had those two massive pieces of liver attached to her face. Who in the world told her those humongous lips are attractive. They are frightening. Even more so in that photo! Harry's face must disappear in those massive lips when she kisses him.

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