Lisa Rinna, Fake Body Parts, Promote Lame Book

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Lisa Rinna has spent a lifetime getting fake parts placed on her body.

Now, the actress is trying to make some real cash money off those procedures.

Rinna has released "Rinnavation." While we can appreciate the pun of a title, we can't fathom why anyone would spend one cent to read about someone getting lots of plastic sugery.

Then again, we couldn't fathom why anyone would wanna see Rinna nude in Playboy, either, but that magazine paid her a lot to don her birthday suit.

Click on the pics below for larger images of Rinna shilling for her book:

Lisa Rinna Book
Book Signing
Fake Actress
Not Sexy
Lisa Rinna, Husband

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FAKE BITCH YOU ARE GROSS! you could be the new terminator!


shut up shes,aware of,what,she did wrong I,think ur,hating cuz ur,jealous u,probably dont look,that good,or,ever will lol she looks,fantastic shes,beautiful and she,can,do,what,she,wants,to her,own,body,and noone shud,judge,her u didnt,make,her,u,didnt,go,thru,the pain u,dont,even personally know,her so,who r u to,run her,down kick,rocks all,those,who,want to,put her,down ur,just,jealous


If ever a woman made a mistake Lisa Rinna has. Her new looks and surgery have left her looking like a huge joke!!! Get over it Lisa and age gracefully. You are obsessed and need to get over it. Those lips have got to go. And your eyes are not you. Your God given looks are gone.....


Seriously, is anyone surprised by this shocking news? Next we'll find out that Nikki Cox had work done to her lips too. Poll on who's celebrity lips are worse: http://which-celebrity.blogspo...


Lisa Rinna Biography

Lisa Rinna, First Playboy Cover
Lisa Rinna is a former star of Melrose Place and Days of our Lives. She was also a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and is very pretty. More »
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Lisa Rinna