Linda Hogan Calls Daughter Out on Fake Boobs, Banging of Boyfriend, Terrible Music Career

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We're really sorry, Dina Lohan.

For years, we've labeled you as the Worst Mother in the World. But you may need to pimp out your daughters and toot your own supposedly hard-working horn a lot louder in order to overtake Linda Hogan now.

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Last week, daughter Brooke Hogan accused her mother of doing drugs, while also taking her to task yet again for dating 19-year old Charlie Hill.

In response, Linda (hiding behind representative Gary Smith) has written a statement to Perez Hilton in which she accuses her own child of:

  • Having fake breasts;
  • "Banging the crap" out of boyfriend Stack$ for three years;
  • And scarcely selling any albums.

Linda also says ex-husband Hulk Hogan is "no different" from OJ Simpson and that young Charlie is really good at diving into a swimming pool.

Linda Hogan has set the awful mothering bar incredibly high. Will anyone be able to raise it?

You've gotta read this hilarious, rambling, grammatically-reprehensible statement to believe it:

If Brooke continues to spew lies on behalf of her father's lame attempt to distance himself from the reality that he is no different from the homicidal OJ Simpson, Charlie will be forced to put aside his paramedic/firefighting career path and release an album called "Redemption" which will easily surpass any of Brooke's records sales.

If it is her claim that her breasts are natural or she hasn't been banging the crap out of the pot head $tack for the last 3 years, then her comments of Charlie being a year and a half younger than her are again a complete fabrication (they are 4 months apart).

Here are some cold hard facts; these people who say Linda is doing drugs are friends of Hulk Hogan... Linda will walk into any drug testing facility and take a random test and the truth will be she is clean.

Brooke "thinks" she's doing drugs is a hypocrisy when her father and $tack are rolling and Smoking joints together in Brooke's recording session, and Brooke knows it.

As for Charlie, he is an accomplished Spring board diver (4th in the Nationals), eagle scout and certified captain in commercial boating with his bigger goal of joining the fire department. Linda's definition of a good time is hitting a 8:30 am mass at St Max's grabbing some Cuban food at Versailles (her fav).

You can choose your favorite part of this ridiculous, public slamming of Linda's own daughter.

But we love the fact that it's signed by: "Gary Smith on behalf of Linda Hogan, Global PR Inc."

If it actually exists, how awful of a public relations firm is Global PR Inc?!? This is the most comprehensible statement it could write?


I dont care who she is, no one has the right to say that crap about their child, it really goes to show who she is.


I can not believe the very disturb people all of you are. the way you speak about another human who gave you the huge cross to bare ? Who are you to judge? you have no clue what their lives where like and hers as a wife of a star if you take a long hard look at yourselves sometimes you might not really like who you have become.Also pictures can be dubed so unless you are perfect dont judge and wash your mouth out it sounds like devil; shame on all of you what till you get older,what about your perfect relationships right bad I know to all haters......


Linda is a disgusting pig..fame grubber..talentless..dried up clown. Brooke is fiiine! Yum. And Hulk 'Still' Rules!


Will this bitch ever die?


Why cant people see that Linda is just a money grabbing whore? She NEVER loved hulk. She is just a money whore, and the judge that granted her 40,000 per month is a sick demented ASSWHIPE!!!!!!!!!!! Hulk killed himself for that money whore. Hey NICK, go back to BUYING YOUR PLAYERS, and stop giving Brook advice!!!!!! She loved her mother, but she can see that mommy is a money cunt. Linda wants hulk to pay Charlie's tuition? If I was hulk I would break Charlie in 3 peices, Charlie would live in constant fear if it was me!!!! Hey Brook I have some real advice. Steal Charlie from mom and play with him in front of media just the way he likes for a few weeks. Then get him infront of a camera on live Tv, then KICK HIM HARD IN THE BALLS AND DUMP HIM ON NATIONAL TV. That would take good care of mom and Charlie, IN PUBLIC LIKE THEY BOTH LIKE, AND DESERVE!!!! DO IT FOR HULK AND ALL OF US PRETTY GIRL. ME


Linda is some piece of WORK! I watched their reality show when it was on. Everything seemed all nicey nice. BUT, the main think that changed was when the son got into the car crash and the MONEY was gone after the lawsuit. Linda was outta there!!!! I hope Hulk wins his defamation suit against her!


would do both linda and brooke. both got nice big asses to hold onto while banging the shit out of them. tits are bad either. would like to get them together and have a dick sucking contest.


I got a 11.5 inch dong that would tear her skinny ass up!


That is horrible that a mom would talk about her own child like that. She has showed that she doesnt see brooke as her daughter but a enemy. I think being with the younger guy has her thinking shes in her twenties too & doesnt have kids. Brooke is very beautiful & atractive & i dont think her boobs look fake or she does drugs & who she bangs is her own busisness her mom is digusting for even talking bout her own daughter sexually. Linda Hogan looks like hatchet face from cry baby & shes crazy like her too


wouldn't mind banging Brooke from the back side after I eat her pussy. would love to watch that big ass ripple as I slammed her cunny!

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