Lily Allen: Susan Boyle is Overrated

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Susan Boyle, the 48-year-old Scottish singer who has taken a nation by storm upon advancing to the final round on Britain’s Got Talent, hasn't won over the whole UK.

Despite Boyle's beating out seven other performers belting out "Memory" from the musical Cats to reach the finals, English songstress Lily Allen was unimpressed.

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"I thought her timing was off on Britain’s Got Talent on Sunday - no control," the 24-year-old songbird opined on her official Twitter page.

"And I don't think she has an amazing voice."

Allen then made a comment that appeared to suggest that Susan Boyle is a mere gimmick: "She can sing," she said, "but it's not about talent with her, is it?"

She "seems like a lovely lady but, if the show is about talent, then that [Shaheen Jafargholi] kid should win." Who do you think has got more talent in Britain?

The Britain’s Got Talent finale competition takes place this Saturday.

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"Shaheen kid is waaaay better".........
Are you kidding? Did you hear him tonight?


I am not saying Susan Boyle is the greatest singer I've ever heard, but she has put herself up there warts to follow her dream. Susan is an inspiration to any would be singer who has felt that it is never too late to give up on their dream. Lily Allen should remember that fame is all to fleeting. In the five weeks Susan had managed to touch the right chord with so many people in her first performance, than I think Lily will ever do in her own life time. Sometimes Lily should engage her brain before opening her mouth, with her throw away comments. Lily Allen has forgotten what it is like to start at the beginning.


Who in the world is Lily Allen?


Lily Allen is right and she's not being rude. She has her opinion and it equals my own. SuBo acts like she has already won and that Shaheen kid is waaaay better. If Susan looked tidy and a little less disheveled she wouldn't have had half this publicity.


I have at least heard of Lily Allen, and heard her!! She doesn't sing she 'talks through' her songs(?)Perhaps she could enunciate a little clearer then I may understand what's she's on about!! Graciousness does not seem to be one of her qualities!! Has or was SHE never nervous? With her voice I don't suppose anyone would notice?? Susan Boyle at least has something to be proud of a voice that can REALLY sing and soar!! Lily will be forgotten by the time she's 47!


Lily Allen won't care about CD sales, she doesn't get a percentage. Her money is made from sold out shows.


Lily Allen is very sure, of what her voice sounds like. Are you aware, of what you sound like? You went out of you're way, to leave a comment, about somebody you don't like. Most of her shows, are sold out. So, she's not going out of her way to sing.


Jodey, you're right that Susan was exploited, but surely people have to realize that wasn't her fault.
Either way, Susan will sell a lot more CD's then Lily without a doubt.


Lily Allen cant even sing herself, so to comment on someone else's singing really makes me laugh. she should listen to herself.


I actually agree with Lily Allen here, even though I normally despise her!
Yes, SuBo is good, but there are many other amazing contestants in the show, and they have the same chance as Susan of winning. She has been majorly exploited, which I feel has ruined her. Lily wasn't rude towards Susan, she clearly stated she thought she was a good singer. And to those who haven't heard of Lily Allen: It's because she hasn't been over-exposed like Susan has.

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