Lily Allen: Susan Boyle is Overrated

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Susan Boyle, the 48-year-old Scottish singer who has taken a nation by storm upon advancing to the final round on Britain’s Got Talent, hasn't won over the whole UK.

Despite Boyle's beating out seven other performers belting out "Memory" from the musical Cats to reach the finals, English songstress Lily Allen was unimpressed.

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"I thought her timing was off on Britain’s Got Talent on Sunday - no control," the 24-year-old songbird opined on her official Twitter page.

"And I don't think she has an amazing voice."

Allen then made a comment that appeared to suggest that Susan Boyle is a mere gimmick: "She can sing," she said, "but it's not about talent with her, is it?"

She "seems like a lovely lady but, if the show is about talent, then that [Shaheen Jafargholi] kid should win." Who do you think has got more talent in Britain?

The Britain’s Got Talent finale competition takes place this Saturday.

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yall are all bogus


Lets put it this way... it Lily Allen had a good song, I would download it off the web for FREE. But I would go BUY "Susan Boyle" cd and have a smile on my face even if I had less cash in my wallet.
Artistry is very subjective - hopefully one day when Susan Boyle becomes a dive she will look back at Lily Allen's comments and feel pity for her ignorance and stupidity.


I didn't know Lily, first time I noticed the name when she gave comments against Susan. Now I know who Lily is, I think this is a good way to be popular. Everybody knows who is Susan, Lily is recognized as a person who is "NOT FAN " (Susan) and tried to shine by this opportunity - Famous Susan. Very clever, Lily you already famous:-)You got it!
(sorry for not proper english)


Lily Allen has not realesed a decnt song yet but at the same time you have to think that she has a guarenteed future as for susan boyle an amazing singer is already an old haggis. Definetly Shaheen should of won yesterday and in second diversity and then susan boyle. she is to overrated imagine you had never heard of Rhianna if she went to BGT as a knew talent people wouldnt like her as much as Susan do you know why Because she is ugly if she wasnt ugly she would be treated as some other contestant if she wasnt ugly she wouldnt of came second last night. So lily im backing you on this one. Sorry Susan.


First the wow factor then the backlash from selfish spiteful plainly jealous people. Unfortunately it's more difficult to be gracious as a human being and more in our nature to be spiteful. Susan Boyle has amazing talent. 99% of those criticising her have none. My landlady laughed when the 10 year old girl broke down in the semi final and was aghast she got a second chance. She's 10 years old !! The acts aren't the freaks on this show,it's many of those who watch it.


nepatisam comes to mind with most of these so called stars, when you think about it how many of them have come up through the ranks i say let them prove their worth by singing live on a talent show not seen and not named lets see then how many of them make it through i challenge you all to do this if you are all so talented you have nothing fear


It's been proved, whether you want to believe it or not, if Susan was more "pretty" no-one would care, but because she's been a bit unlucky in certain areas and due to the guilt everyone felt for pre-judging her she's suddenly "amazing". She's not even on the same level as Page, Dion etc. Furthermore, Lily Allen is entitled to an opinion whether you like it or not and you guys being mean about her isn't backing up your arguments. She's actually quite a decent singer if you bothered to listen to her songs, very heartfelt and very smart. She may have been a bit lucky in life admittedly but she is talented. By the way, Susan is a very good singer, don't get me wrong but she is NOT "great". From a happy Diversity fan.


Lily Allen's comments were totally unnecessary; and criticizing another artist is just plain offensive. I also believe that Susan Boyle would never dream of doing the same thing to Lily Allen. It has a lot to do with manners and grace; and clearly, Lily Allen is lacking in either.


Oh thanks alot Anonymous for bashing me in one of your comments! So what I didn't check her twitter? Unlike some people, I think Twitter is only for people who believe people have a right to stick their head into your business. That's why I don't have one so how could I check hers? Everyone has their own opinions and I was just expressing mine. You don't have to call me stupid for it. Also, just to make it clear, I don't 'worship' Susan Boyle over the other contestants from Britain's Got Talent. I just see she has a passion to show what ordinary people can be capable of. Next time you bitch about someone, don't include a person who is a fan of neither the people you're talking about.


Newsflash!! Susan Boyle says Lily Allen can't sing for nuts, has never been a virgin and is never likely to become one now!
Sorry Lily too late, you've been used and abused too many times.

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