Kristin Cavallari Details Plans to Stir Up Hills Drama

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With Lauren Conrad retiring from The Hills, Kristin Cavallari is ready to take over - and you can guarantee the former Laguna Beach star will shake things up.

"Basically... they want me to come in and start some drama," the 22-year-old told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show. "I'm good for it, so it's fun."

Kristin's plans for the upcoming season?

"Drinking, fighting, hooking up - all that good stuff!"

As for her rumored romance with Audrina Patridge's ex, Justin-Bobby Brescia, which would likely be the most contrived and disgusting event in Hills history?

"I sat next to him at [Heidi and Spencer Pratt]'s wedding, yes," she teased. The wedding, which airs on The Hills May 31, is the season finale and her debut.

Justin-Bobby or no Justin-Bobby, Kristin Cavallari quips she's "on a man-hunt" after catching the wedding bouquet tossed by the bride at the Speidi nuptials.

"I am single and they want me to date on the show, which I'm excited about," the Laguna Beach nemesis of Lauren Conrad goes on. "They will introduce me to guys, and if goes somewhere, then they'll follow it. If not, it'll be over."

Cavallari says she didn't push Conrad out of the show.

"I had nothing to do with that," she insists. "[Lauren] was leaving, and I thought it was a good time to come in because she's gone."

Cavallari adds that she'll "hopefully" take over for LC as the narrator and that their much-hyped feud is sooo high school. "We're fine now," she says.

As for whether Heidi Montag has changed since she introduced her to Spencer Pratt four years ago, Kristin Cavallari leaves us with this awesome quote:

"I don't really hang out with her as much anymore... but looks-wise, I'd say... Listen, they know what they're doing and they're making a lot of money."


I always watched these shows as though they were scripted tv shows, not unlike a "Desperate Housewives". However, I am sure many, especially younger viewers, watched these shows believing they are real. They have no idea these people are earning big bucks to project drama in their lives. This is a shame, because it portrays a bunch of young people who do nothing positive and are hurtful to each other. That may be fun when it's fiction, it's more than sad when it's real.


Im so happy with kristin as a new member of the Hills. I love Lauren too but come on it was time for a change, the Hills started to be a little boring becaus all drama was Lauren vs Spencer or friends betraying Lauren it was all the same. Im not telling The Hills is 100% real but anyway Im sure Kristin its gonnabring some fresh drama. Im definitely watching next season.


For anyone who actually thinks this show is real, you're being delusional. Anyway, I'm glad Kristin is joining the cast. Lauren is pretty, but as much as I like her, she's BORING as hell. Like the only reason I watch the show is to be entertained by Audrina, and Spedi. Otherwise, I wouldn't watch it at all. I mean, honestly, who in their right mind would want to watch a show were the main character is hot as hell, but dull as a butter knife? Anyway, at. Least Kristin is real, she knows the shit is fake, and she's going to create entertainment. Drama=ratings lol. I'm definitely watching next season.


YES! She was so much fun on Laguna Beach


Amazing. She was great for drama on Laguna Beach. But, I thought she said she was totally done with reality shows? Ha!


So in other words "The Hills' will be completely fake instead of at least some truth to it!
Lauren is the reason why people tune in. She was a good person not trying to start trouble dealing with bad people who really did some messed up things. Yeah not watching anymore after this season.


Omg what a cow. Im not looking forward for Kristin appearing on the hills. Team lc all the way. Its not going to be the same without Lc. Why coldnt they film audrina or Lo, why did they have to pick Kristin. I bet u she will cause trouble between Heidi and Spencer.. Who agrees?? xxxxxx

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