Kristen Dalton: Carrie Prejean is Great For Publicity

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With all the controversy surrounding Carrie Prejean, it's easy to forget that the lightning rod did not actually win the Miss USA pageant a couple of weeks ago.

That honor went to Kristen Dalton.

Prejean Press Conference

Immediately after the North Carolina beauty took home the crown, the spotlight turned to Prejean and her comments about same-sex marriage. But Dalton has no complaints, telling E! Online that all the commotion has actually been a good thing.

"I think it's great for the Miss Universe Organization, it's given us a lot of publicity," Dalton said. "A lot of people will be watching this Miss USA pageant next year."

Wonderfully PC answer. She should go into politics.

And as for the embattled Miss California, Dalton says the outspoken Prejean "was friendly to everybody, so I don't really think anyone has a problem with her."

As for her views on a certain divisive political issue?

"Everybody has the right to their own opinion," Kristen Dalton said, "Me personally, I think that everybody deserves equal rights, it's really as simple as that."

Donald Trump's Miss Universe Organization insists it didn't take issue with Prejean's comments but that she appeared to be shirking Miss California duties.

That, and the topless photos she took when she was 17.

Although dethroned Miss Nevada 2007 Katie Rees feels that Trump created a double standard by keeping Prejean but stripping her own crown due to older party pics that surfaced after she won, Dalton sees a difference between the two situations.

"If you look at the photos, they're completely different," the reigning Miss USA said. "Carrie's were modeling photos, and Katie's were in action."

She means girl-on-girl action, in case any of you are unfamiliar.

"Donald Trump approved [the photos]," Kristen Dalton added. "He's the owner of this organization and I fully support what he thinks is best.

"And you know, [Carrie Prejean] has the opportunity to go back to California and try to be the best Miss California USA that she can be."

More importantly: Who would you rather ...


While Carrie may be pretty on the outside, That's where it ends.
She is a very very poor loser. That question did not cost her the title and for her to continue to say it did. Is a lie and sadly some folks actually believe her. Kristen had already won the swimsuits and evening grown events. Funny how Carrie is hush about that. So glad she got removed.


Carrie Prejean apart from having a beautiful persona and character that outshines anyones who has spoken against her, is actually also physically far more attractive than any of them and won hands down in REAL TERMS, regardless of the low-life politics and jealousies by some ex-models that sought to diminish her and her right to an opinion/belief... As far as intelligent community that has some semblance of character and justice goes, Carrie is the winner, of these pageants, not only because of her beauty, but her inner beauty and character which shines from her persona adding to her beauty. Her strength of character and standing for what is right can only be admired and desired in a woman such as her...I have zero respect for those who have done her wrong and trashed her...they have not value within themselves but rely on appearances and superficiality to get through life full of hypocrisy and double standards...


these women are not allowed to say a word unless they say what Trump tell them to say. so far Trump has let a drug addict and a complete liar keep thier crowns. Goget him Katie Rees and drag them all to court!!!!!

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