Kris Allen is Really, Really Nice

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As much as any other American Idol fan displeased with this season's outcome, we thought Adam Lambert should have been crowned champion.

But our effusive praise of the unique singer was never meant to disparage winner Kris Allen.

In fact, ever since his victory, Allen has been nothing short of grateful, humble and extremely appealing every time we hear him speak.

First, upon winning, Kris immediately said Lambert deserved the crown. Now, take a look at the American Idol during an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

How can anyone not adore this laid back Arkansas native?!?


Adam had the best voice but unfortunately Kris had won.Adults In London


Oliver you are the biggest hypocrite of all. The people voted for Kris maybe you and Alex Baldwin should get together. Kris won because of his talent,his voice is easy to listen to and the type of music he sings. When Kris was singing with Keith Urban couldn't tell who was the professional! Kris has grown with the fans. Adam is talented but his voice is more for metal and hard rock just like his performance with KISS. You have the right to write and speak freely because of those conservatives, guns and religious nuts. Congrats to Kris and Adam who already have records deal.


I am neither a hillbilly nor conservative nor weird (well, maybe a little) and I voted for Kris. I agree that Adam has the better vocal ability but Kris is extremely talented as well. I just prefer Kris' music. That is all there is to it.


Kris just had those weird hillbilly conservative idiots that have ruined the country on his side, The guns and religions nuts. Adam has the best voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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