Kris Allen is "Heartless," Incredible

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We'll publish a detailed recap of the final three performance show on American Idol tomorrow, but we couldn't wait another second to shower praise on one of tonight's performances.

And it wasn't given by Adam Lambert for a change!

Kris Allen delivered the goods - and then some! - with an acoustic rendition of "Heartless." Sorry, Gokeheads. But next week's finale has to come down to Allen vs. Lambert.

Watch Allen's rendition of "Heartless" below and share your thoughts in the Comments section:

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WHAT?! Kris's rendition of Heartless was NOT original AT ALL. Do a simple search on Youtube and you'll find many, and better, acoustic versions of that song.


I've admired Kris's musicality, his intonation, his creativity, his simple understanding of the heart of each tune he's taken on. I've appreciated him most over the long haul and, on the other hand, slowly lost my interest in ever-the-screamer Adam. I think Adam's got the talent but he's keeping it hidden under screams. Kris sings. I like singers. As for Heartless, I can't say I particularly cared for the tune but I was, nonetheless, blown away by Kris's interpretation.


I have to admit i wasn't to sure of kris at the beginning but now I hope he wins. In my opinion kris's performance of heartless was the best performance on idol ever it was artistic and beautiful and WAYYYY better than the original and totally knocked me off my feet!!! way to go kris I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING!!! I cant wait to hear you on the radio!!


LOVE Kris Allen!!! His Heartless performance was just AMAZING! I've been pulling for him since he was in the top 12. Goooooo Kris!


This is what you call an "unforgettable performance".
By putting away the band, Kris just proves that he's adorable as he is. He could effortlessly blow peoples mind.. Love it!


By far the best performance of the season. I would buy this guy's CD as soon as it is released. He has to be in the Final or the show becomes a joke.


I've been saying this for a long time. Kris Allen is the real deal. Taste, class, style, talent, looks. His Heartless was brilliant! He will be around for a long, long time. He is genuine and in a class by himself.


I love Kris, but all I could think about when I watched that was, that Mia Carruthers JUST did that on "Taking The Stage" the other week, and he must been a fan of that show!


I voted for Daughtry, then quit watching after he was eliminated. If Kris Allen goes, I will quit watching again. Kris is mainstream, like Daughtry was - and Daughtry blew everyone away in sales after. I would never buy a Taylor Hicks CD and I will never buy an Adam Lambert CD (too weird)...I will be anxiously waiting for Kris' CD to come out just like I did Daughtrys....go Kris!


I really love Kris!!
He possesses a wonderful and unique voice!
His performances have never let me down. I really like him standing on the stage with his guitar, singing like he's never sung before. That was just exactly what he did in Heartless! Awesome!
Hope he'll be in the final 2!
Keep voting for Kris Allen everyone!

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