Kim Kardashian is a Jennifer Lopez Kopy Kat

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Kim Kardashian doesn't typically strike us as a kopy kat.

Sure, her first name starts with the same letter as everyone else in her family. But the reality TV star attempted a few unique shots in her sex tape with Ray J, while she takes pride in staying one step ahead of the latest fashion trend.

Another Birthday Party

That's why it seemed especially unusual when Kardashian showed up for this week's Maxim Hot 100 party looking exactly like Jennifer Lopez.

It's unlike Kim to follow in anyone's style footsteps, let alone a D-list celebrity who hasn't had a hit movie, song or album in years. Can you even tell the stars apart in the pictures below?

Who makes a better J. Lo?


Jennifer has 39 and kim 29, but kim looks older in this photo. She is just a copycat, and she doesn´t have the natural beauty of Jlo. They are in differents levels.


Who every wrote this article is stupid. Kim Kardashian is a jlo copy kat is even admitted jlo is her idol (check her blog). kim kardashian is not a star or celebrity she is a porn star turned reality dumbass. Why does the media have to follow these talentless white rich girls. And saying jlo is a d-lister is as dumb as saying kim doesn't copy, jlo is a fashion icon, she is the only artist to have a number 1 album and movie the same week. She is the most infulential hispanic in the business and she got 6 million dollars for her baby pics and it was the second highest selling people magazine issue that year. Unless Kim can sing, act, and dance as sucessfully as jlo then she will always be a d list porn star.


Kim you are NOT A CELEBRITY you are only know by doing a sex tape so what do you really think you are? You react to every comment to get some kind of reaction from the world or take a stupid picture of yourself and post it to get attention. You need to grow up!!!! Now your trying to force Reggie to maarry you I hope he dumps you for some that has a real profession. Making a work out video is not one nor is making a sex tape....... Blog about this.!!!!!


There is, and always will be one Jennifer Lopez

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