Kevin Federline Wants a Raise

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It is hardly unusual in these tough economic times of rising expenses and shrinking incomes to hear tales of financial woe. Life is becoming a more and more difficult balancing act for millions upon millions of Americans.

Take Kevin Federline for example.

According to MSNBC, even the former Mr. Britney Spears is struggling amid the recession, with bodyguards’ salaries and giant booze tabs straining his budget.

Sources estimate Federline’s current Britney Spears-based monthly income at $40,000, including $20,000 in child support for Sean Preston and Jayden James.

But apparently that staggering sum is still not enough to keep Federleezy livin' the high-rollin' lifestyle he’s grown accustomed to over the years.

“Kevin has blown through millions,” the source said. “When he and Britney divorced, Kevin continued a star life. He spends all the money he gets.”

A Pregnant Britney Spears

“Kevin can't afford the rent, his help, the food and the booze it takes to keep up (his home),” the source explained. So where does it all go?

Federline’s food bills alone allegedly run over $2,000 a month. Adding that sum to the thousands it takes to pay for housing expenses, nannies, on top of his steep bar bills and bodyguards and there simply isn’t all that much left over.

As for his solution to this issue, the source believes Federline may soon beg the Bank of Britney Spears for a little more support. Perhaps they can work out a plan for Sam Lutfi to pay K-Fed directly and cut out the middle men.

Just hearing the two mentioned together makes us yearn for their bygone era of marital bliss. Click to enlarge some vintage Britney-K-Fed pics ...


kevin needs to go find a corner... and stay there


I don't see any potentials in him that gave him custody of the children, though Britney got's her own problems but that of K Fed is worse than 10 person's put together. He's such a slimy disguising pig, that was picked up the junk yard and now he does know where he came from. Well Brit may the mistake of dating him. I cant imagine their kids going to school and they are been asked by their friends what does you dad do for a living?. The blood sucking vamp should go get a life and let the poor girl be. He is a DICK or should I say a "PUSSY".


poor britney. i would loathe making checks out to him and his nasty dumb lawyer.


He's such a a gold digging leech. The loser needs to get a job and earn his own income rather then living off his ex-wife. He's definitely the kind of person who comes to mind, when one thinks of a dead-beat dad. A wanna-be nobody, who wastes a lot of his cash from said rich ex-wife on booze.


I agree he is a low life and I still don't understand why there is any money going to him. He is living a life of a playboy. Why does he need a nanny if he is so broke why the body guards other than to party with he is feeding more than himself and his sons he is such a joke. Answer to your finances get a job have the court order 50/50 custody and no support.


Wow. Amazing to think that, since being laid off from my job in December, I have been able to live on $2k a month while trying to look for a new job in a dismal market. I wish I had two months of his allowance. I could live on that for the rest of the year!


I wonder if Kevin ever thought of being a man and getting A JOB!!!@#$@#$@#

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