Kelly Clarkson: Pregnant, Fat or Fashion-Impaired?

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If Kelly Clarkson is tired of pregnancy rumors, she might want to avoid clothing choices like she's donned recently. The singer looked considerably heavier performing at the KIIS-FM Wango Tango in California this weekend (below, right).

Contrast how the original American Idol looks compared to just two months ago, when promoting her new album on the current season of the hit show.

Maybe she was channeling her inner Jessica Simpson and just picked a really unfortunate outfit. Sorry, that's a huge insult to Kelly Clarkson to even be mentioned in the same sentence as that sorry excuse for a singer. Our bad!

Anyway, is she with child? Overweight? In need of a mirror? Tell us below ...

The Original American Idol

Kelly Clarkson is totally ...


If you need more photo evidence upon which to base your decision in this poll, click to enlarge these recent Kelly Clarkson pictures below ...

Kelly Clarkson: Fat?
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So Kelly Clarkson is a bit overweight—big deal. So are half of us these days. She is also a very pretty, talented, and successful lady who I would jump at a chance to date.


WHO. CARES. It is her voice that matters not her weight, apparently we have already forgotten the magically amazing lesson Susan Boyle taught us. I repeat WHO. CARES. -.-


To Leif you need to smacked or something ok, I mean who knows if Kelly would have won Idol if she weighed like she does now back then, but that's an ignorant statement and even your whole entire post is. Grow up. You don't have to be a stick to be successful hello look at Oprah, Arthea come on now. Thank goodness for people like Kelly who's like you don't have to be a stick. But it's not like she's obese or anything. Yeah sometimes she doesn't wear the right clothes but who cares. For the people like who wrote this article for example, she loses weight on tour so back off. And if she ever gets back to the size she was like three, four years ago you will be the ones saying that she's anorexic or something. That's what I hate about the media their negative about everything, always trying to put people down. Someone on the Kelly Clarkson Express said that she looked good, skinny but of course her butt "big bob" was bigger than ever but once again who cares she is greek.


Yeah, she's fat. Also, really talented. Also, beautiful. So? Anyway, thanks for posting the pictures. She looks great!


She looks fine to me. Rock on Kelly!


How about a 4th option in the poll -- She looks great!


Lizz, she is sooo fat.
Be real about this. If she looked like that during her American Idol days, she wouldn't have won. America doesn't like fatties.


Why? Why is this news? Who cares? Why do you publish stories like this? Are you trying to attract more hits on your site? Fat according to who? It really makes me sick when people resort to bullying behaviour by unjustly picking on somebody's body weight! If you did it at work you would be fired! Your article doesn't do much justice for the many young girls who think they have to be a hollywood stick and starve themselves to anorexia just to fit a phantom superficial stereo-type image that the media have created!


I love Kelly Clarkson's new album.


I think that because Kelly didn't use her body/sexuality to sell records, people focused on her voice. Unlike Jessica Simpson who only used her body because she has no talent. When Jessica gained weight, everyone noticed because that was her only "money-maker." With Kelly, it is completely irrelevant. Kelly can sing and has promoted her voice only along the way. Fat. Thin. Who cares? Kelly CAN sing and that is what I am focused on when buying her albums and concert tickets.