Kelly Clarkson: Pregnant, Fat or Fashion-Impaired?

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If Kelly Clarkson is tired of pregnancy rumors, she might want to avoid clothing choices like she's donned recently. The singer looked considerably heavier performing at the KIIS-FM Wango Tango in California this weekend (below, right).

Contrast how the original American Idol looks compared to just two months ago, when promoting her new album on the current season of the hit show.

Maybe she was channeling her inner Jessica Simpson and just picked a really unfortunate outfit. Sorry, that's a huge insult to Kelly Clarkson to even be mentioned in the same sentence as that sorry excuse for a singer. Our bad!

Anyway, is she with child? Overweight? In need of a mirror? Tell us below ...

The Original American Idol

Kelly Clarkson is totally ...

If you need more photo evidence upon which to base your decision in this poll, click to enlarge these recent Kelly Clarkson pictures below ...

Kelly Clarkson: Fat?

my friends dont be pathetic , its about a gril looking so pretty and after some time she becomes so fat...its about the girl not the star STOP staying shes talentated and she has gifts...has changed and ppl can see that .
who the fuck judges who?
its about her transformation...why so touchy??
we all know shes so talentated and she s a good person but shes fat after beeing soo sexy and thats wrong ...


Kelly Clarkson is a amazing singer and a healthy role model 2 girls.Absolutely no way was she pregnant,Defnitely not fat or need of a new wardrobe at the end of the day leave the girl alone she ain't doing no harm


I think Kelly is very talented and I enjoy her music.
Isn't it enough that we are blessed to be entertained by her gift?
We should all try And remember that none of us are perfect and few of us are as gifted as Kelly

Avatar is amazing how judgmental people are. WHO gives you people the right to sit here and critisize this girl? She is not FAT! So what if she has gained a little weight through the years. It is her body. It just amazes me that people have nothing better to do with there life but to write nasty things about someone they don't even know. Everyone has flaws. You people should take a good look in the mirror and realize that you are NOT perfect either.


im pretty sure it was the shirt she had on, it looks like chain mail (very stiff) any way just take a look at the side view. http://www.thehollywoodgossip....


I love kelly's songs but she has put on some weight. She needs to loose it befor she has health problems.


Looks are only on the outside, it's what's in your HEART that matters most. Kelly has a gift from only GOD (her voice) and uses it well. She uses all of her gifts she receives from only him. One day, when Christ comes back, she can stand before him and honestly say, I use everything you gave me!! So, it doesn't really matter what you look like, just that you're really always!


kelly look hott!!
i love her voice soooo much.
she is my role model.


She is so fat. If people think she is fat, then you just think right!


She is so not fat if people think she is fat then you just think wrong! Love you Kelly
Beth xx

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