Keith Olbermann Calls Out Carrie Prejean

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Keith Olbermann, in the video below, addressing Carrie Prejean:

Your grandfather did not fight to protect your right to answer a question during a network television soft porn special without consequences or fallout... He fought to protect you from having the government stop us from speaking our minds.

We know you despise Olbermann, Conservatives. And it's hard for even the most left-wing nut to defend his maniacal rants sometimes.

But we beseech readers - in the interest of open, fair debate - to watch and listen to the MSNBC host's take on Prejean below. He doesn't mention gay marriage once, instead focusing on the illogical argument that Carrie was somehow simply exercising her right to free speech.

As referenced in the quote above, Olbermann argues:

  • The First Amendment has nothing to do with getting flak for speaking one's mind; it simply protects a citizen from being imprisoned for that act.
  • Moreover, Carrie wasn't punished for her answer, as she claims. She's received national acclaim and didn't even lose her crown, despite blatantly violating her contract!

All of Prejean's supporters say it's unfair to attack someone for exercising her freedom of speech. But what if she said she believes all African-Americans should be slaves? Would critics be allowed to pounce on her then? It's just her opinion, right?

Also, let's not forget: Prejean said her latest round of topless photos were due to a "windy day." We mean... come on!!!


Thank you Ann!
All I took from Olbermann's show was contempt for Preajan's articulation of her views on gay marriage. She may have not been honest about her nude shots, but if he's asking for the truth - then maybe he should give the truth in return. He's condemning her for her opinion, not for anything else, and he knows it. We all know it.


I agree with Tim! Keith Olbermann is an idiot! If I were a black person I would be so offended by the people who try and compare slavery to gay marriage. Black people (who absolutely can not help the color of their skin) were treated like animals! Marriage has always been a gender based institution for the well being and creation of children. My heart breaks for the children of divorced heterosexuals and it really breaks for the offspring of a sperm donor who has no father to identify with or has to live with two men and not know the love of a mother. Nature created Man and Woman for one another and their offspring. Blind people can't help that they can't see, but they still don't get a driver license. Where's the common sense? Marriage is not a civil right it is a union of two bodies physically and emotionally and homosexual sex does not fulfill that bond as they cannot be consummated!! It doesn't take a brain surgeon!


most people in the spotlight don't understand...You have the freedom of speech, then everyone gets THEIR freedom of speech BACK AT YA.
Carrie Prejean seems to think that freedom of speech means she gets to speak her piece WITHOUT her detractors getting to speak their piece.
The Dixie Chicks learned that the hard way.
Speak your Freedom of speech, but expect others to Speech Back Atcha.


I have kept quiet over this whole situation until now. Carrie Prejean is an idiot. She had to know that she was going to get flak over her comment about gay marriage. She did have the right to say what she wanted, but she has to realize that others have the right to criticize her comment as well. Keith Olbermann, who I don't particularly like either, is correct in what he said.


Olbermann is an idiot.

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