Is the Katie Price-Peter Andre Breakup a Sham?

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While she insists that this week's split from Peter Andre was his idea, and that she is absolutely devastated, some sources suspect that the whole thing could be a tawdry publicity stunt cooked up by Katie Price herself.

She's got her fourth autobiography coming out soon, while he is about to release an album full of gut-wrenching ballads about losing the woman he loves.

Does sound like a Speidi-like publicity stunt, no?

About two weeks ago, the model formerly known as Jordan felt anxious, she confided, because she thought that she was simply not earning enough.

She had dyed her hair a plain brown because she said she was "fed up" with highlights, and cut down her longtime stylist's hours due to fiscal woes.

Having been in America for months, paying rent on a house in Malibu but not earning any money, the attention whore was starting to feel broke and forgotten. And nothing annoys an attention whore more than the threat of obscurity.

A source who spent time with Katie Price recalls ger grumbling about her "thunder thighs" and being even more bad tempered than usual with Peter.

It was then she started to talk about a "massive comeback."

Katie said she was going to reinvent herself in a spectacular way - which she did not specify - confiding that she was going on one of her juice-only detox diets.

These are the sort of actions to which the 30-year-old is prone, and few took notice, as she often talks about wanting to be the nation's biggest star again.

Now, of course, things look rather different.

The "shocking pictures" which are supposed to have ended the marriage are harmless. Peter was said to have lost his $h!t when he saw them, but Katie was merely "cuddling up" to international dressage rider Spencer Wilton - he is openly gay.

Wilton and Price are friends through their shared interest in riding and her commercial ventures with equestrian clothing. In fact, the two are so close that it's hard to credit that Andre did not recognize the "mystery hunk."

So if they have not split up thanks to those pics, have they truly split up at all? According to reports, the reality TV couple looked perfectly happy as they exited the trendy London restaurant Nobu on Saturday night, hand in hand.

And hadn't Katie been talking only last week about her plans to have a third child with Peter gladly concurring with the idea in his most recent magazine column?

The expose of the Price-Andre union continues. Follow the link to keep reading this article in the Daily Mail, and click to enlarge more pictures below.

Katie Price Wedding Pic

I love katie price
she is allways their 4 her kids no mattah wht


omg ilove katie price so will every one leave ere a lone TEAM PRICE!!!!!!!


I agree with pawl!
Tell it like it is "Whore". Who the cap fits, let them wear it!
You can't turn a whore into a housewife and that is where Peter failed from the get go!


Yup she is a media WHORE. WHORE WHORE WHORE WHORE., Attention seaking WHORE. Glad I made myself clear there. and that $1000 dollar hair do makes it look like a cheap wig.


I totally agree with lolly, how dare you throw that word around when you probably don't even know what it means yourself. I sense jealousy


YES! Like the way you took those words out. OK though as I have pasted them.


I think it is bloody outrageous to call anyone a, "Whore" you cheeky bxstxrds. I am not in the whole celeb thing but don't print a word that is so foul - have some bloody class. Also no one knows really what people are like, let alone in the public eye - people just think they do ( feel like they own them). You are a contridiction, if she was a, "Whore" as you say which, no other publication has branded her, well, you lack taste and any sense of dignity. Would you call your viewers/buyers a, "whore"? well the same I think applies for the same people you are slagging off. No Celebs, no buyers! Arxxhxoles. Yes I know this won't get printed. However, if it doesn't it will - I will make sure. Laura DM webb.

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