Report: Katie Price Pics Made Peter Andre Snap

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Shocking pics of Katie Price boozing with a mystery guy and flaunting her gigantic boobs were the last straw between herself and Peter Andre, The Sun (UK) reports.

The two announced their split yesterday - and now we know why.

Katie Price, Spotted Shirt

Peter had already been telling pals he was unhappy because things were growing strained between him and his high-maintenance wife. But then he just snapped.

The model known as Jordan looked like a complete mess at the Syndicate club in Bristol last Friday evening, guzzling vodka and snuggling up to a mystery man.

When her husband of five years saw photos in The Sun of Katie Price drunkenly slumped in a nightclub, her 32DD breasts spilling onto some dude, he'd had it.

These Katie Price pics allegedly made Peter Andre pack his bags.

Clubbers who were at Syndicate said there was no sign of the looming rift as Jordan looked like she didn’t have a care in the world. But a friend said: "To say [Peter] was furious is an understatement. It was the last straw."

One reveler added: "She had her wedding ring on but she just kept asking for more drink. She kept shouting, ‘I love Bristol!’ - she wanted to be noticed."

Really? Katie Price begging for attention? Shocking.

Price reportedly spent half an hour cuddling up to a man in a checkered shirt and whispering in his ear, although she ultimately left without the mystery fella.

However, club manager Steve Dew said that in the street, she planted a big on a man walking by. Maybe she'll look him up now that Peter's out of the picture.


i love jordan she is so much fun and beautiful and go on girl get your boobs out and have some fun


Why the helll on earth did peter even go for a girl like her...shes everything a girl shouldnt be..And most of all shes so badly up herself that i cant even see a personality..peter seems to be a much better person im glad he left her. The way she spoke 2 him at that shop on the stateside series, and belittes him at every given oppuritnity is just pathetic, she takes that bit of Man- ness outta him and beats it on national t.v. Peter can do so much better than her. She makes a living outta stripping her fake boobs in public...women has no decency or respect for herself how on earth is she ever gna respect anybody LET alone peter andre..I hope peter finds some one soon, and i hope he finds the kinda girl hes always wanted not this fake orange skinned botoxed ugly whore. I really DO not LIKE her! so shame on her she had it coming...


Oh and its bullshit when you say 'your better than this woman' your no better than either of them.


You can't judge someone you have never even met or don't know anything about. Shes not a cheap hore shes made a fantastic living and has great kids. You people need to realise knowbody is perfect and at this point in time her life is probably in termoil. I would need a good drink if it was happening to me. You shouldn't believe what you read!!


check this out then xx


You people need to get your facts straight before you say anything...
The guy in the picture is her dressage and HE'S GAY!!!!! jeeeezzz people can be so sad sometimes!


A cheap whore is always a cheap whore, whether married or not. Peter knew she was a booze hound from the day he met her and that reality played into her current antics. Move on man... you're better than this woman.


OMG what a damn bitch!!

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