Katharine McPhee Finds Celebrity Gossip Protector

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Despite pretty much falling off the planet since losing to Taylor Hicks on American Idol a few seasons ago, Katharine McPhee was overwhelmed by a pack of ravenous paparazzi while out and about in Los Angeles earlier this month.

Fortunately, the 25-year-old wife of Nick Cokas was rescued by a random homeless woman, Quween. It was apparently quite the spectacle.

As a result, FunnyOrDie.com has paired the celebrity with her unlikely savior in a faux infomercial promoting Quween's versatile services.

Celebrities from A-to-Z-list should not hesitate to consult this lunatic when it comes to all their pressing, paparazzi protection needs.

Would you want to mess with Quween?


Perfect work!


No, no, di - the floor writhing was Black Horse and a Cherry Tree. She was perfectly composed during OTR and delivered a performance millions of people will never forget. BTW, she just finished filming a comedy called You May Not Kiss The Bride due out in 2010 and is finishing up a new album which will probably debut later this year.


katherine who?? i missed the 'round the world' exposure but seem to remember a girl writhing around on the floor a few years back singing 'somewhere over the rainbow.'


Unreal how uninformed you are.
What maps are you looking at.Just this past Memorial Day
She performed in DC on PBS around the world.


sweetsmoke, can you not read? Katharine MCPHEE. She starred in the big hit last summer "The House Bunny". Guess you must be living under a rock!


Katharine who?


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