Kate Gosselin Won't Die, Will Ride Pink Motorcycle

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"I will not give up. I will not lay down and die."
- Kate Gosselin, reacting to rumors of her and her husband's infidelity, on tonight's season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus 8.

While reality TV's most annoying wife won't off herself in response to a series of rumors surrounding her marriage, she'll gladly risk her life on a motorcycle. In front of her children, no less!

During the taping for an upcoming episode, Kate and Jon met up with American Chopper host Paul Teutul Sr. The reasons why are unclear, though we'd imagine it has something to do with the fact that neither half of this couple has ridden the other in a long time.

They need to feel something between their legs, and the paparazzi barrage make it impossible for either to run off and get with their respective mister and mistresses. We almost feel bad for Jon and Kate. Except we don't. At all.

Click on the photos below to enlarge pics of this couple soaking up the spotlight:

Rough Rider
Bitch on a Bike
Kate Gosselin and Paul Teutul
Bad Role Models
Taking a Ride

I have just loved watching Kate, Jon & kids.They both seemed to truly love the kids and each other. It is so sad to see the relationship dying. I hope they find a way to re kindle what they had.Jon may feel he is missing out on fun, with so many responsibilities at such a young age, but losing his family unity may be a lesson learned too late to find what you had was worth more than what you thought you were missing out on!


lol this is very true! she acts the over reacting parent but in truth shes just lokking for something to throw at the tabloids. makes no sense at all. If shes so tired of "being on the cover" (lol which isn't true) than keep to your self. Tell Jon I'm open for a date sense his wifes such a d-bag


This isn't a Vespa. It is a piece of junk Asian import.


Such a crude article.


Right now, without all the facts, this relation appears to suffere from a very serious unresolved problem. I would suspect another person has influenced, one or both of them. Airing that “dirty laundry� is not the best for their marriage. The battle lines have been drawn. See why Dr. Phil choose Bill Mitchell, 7-Day Detective to investigate troubled relationship @ http://www.7daydetective.com/b....

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