Kate Gosselin to Release Cookbook, Spend More Time Away from Children

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If this didn't involve eight adorable children, it would be hilarious.

Despite the fact that she makes up to $75,000 for every episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8, and despite the fact that she's considered a fame-obsessed "monster" for spending more time at autograph signings than with her family, Kate Gosselin is releasing yet another book.

According to amazon.com, Love Is in the Mix: Making Meals into Memories, will be released on October 13.

The back cover reads: "Fans... won’t want to miss this inside look at one of America’s most famous close-knit families," as the book also promises to teach readers "how to craft family traditions that create happy memories" and "how to feed a large family on a budget."

See, we told you it was funny.

Critics are already jumping all over Gosselin; they wonder how a woman that once said "real cooks don't need recipes" could be qualified to write a cookbook. (This, of course, implies that she was actually the person who wrote it.)

Other comments on amazon.com accuse Kate up "plagiarism" and point out that she's pretty much never once cooked a meal on the show.

But, hey, it's another chance to make money and headlines, while avoiding time at home with those eight pesky kids. How could she turn it down?!?


Great.....like we need directions on how to make Mac and Cheese and serve on a paper plate. ha ha ha


Kate should go on wife swap


Kate is an inspiration to many young mothers who tune in and see how she does it with 8 children. My heart goes out to this family and my prayers are with you Kate. Jon is acting like he's going through a midlife crisis and is embarassing his entire family as he does it. He could have had the decency to do this properly if he wanted out not hook up with someone obviously looking to make some money out of it all; a teacher no less who should know better. I also have to say shame on Kate's brother and sister-in-law, your comments are despicable.


Ok I may be crazy but haven't people have been raising large families for many many many years....where does this woman get off acting like a super mom?....My grandpa was 1 of 17 children and there are many families around the world with more than 10 children...the fact that hers are all the same age and she's a nasty b!tch are the only reason she made it to TV and that does not qualify her to write a cookbook...but it absolutley qualifies her to be a Divorcee have fun Jon your sentence is almost over.


Is there a way that we can stop this madness? Her next book will be "How to make money by exploiting your children on TV and by writing books about them". She should be so ashamed of herself, you can tell that Jon wants this madness to stop, but I don't think he can stop her. Let me guess she will make her children be on the cover of this so called cook-book pretending that Mommie cooks for them, what a sad mess.


HAH!!! Who does she think will go out and spend hard earned money on one of her books? She honestly needs to wake up and smell the coffee......


She can't cook and she can't write. She doesn't even feed her own kids! The "not-a-nanny" does it! Take her other two books back for a refund and purchase Better Homes and Gardens. Kate! Go home and get some therapy!!


Well, this is easy enough to imagine: Grape Plate Brunch Recipe
8 Paper Plates
Bunch of organic grapes, washed and peeled
Box of organic crackers
Cubes of cheese Optional:
Jar of organic peanut butter
Bunch of organic bananas
Loaf of organic bread Instructions:
Lay out plates on counter. Place the exact same number of grapes on each plate. Divide crackers into 8 equal portions and place to the left of the grapes, approximately one inch away. To the right of the grapes, place cubes of cheese. If not exhausted or out of time, can include Optional peanut butter and banana sandwiches:
Spread organic peanut butter on one piece of organic bread. Slice an organic banana and lay out slices on organic peanut butter. Spread organic peanut butter on a second slice of organic bread and lay on top of organic bananas, organic peanut butter side down.


So let me get this straight. A crappy mom is writing a cook book? WTF? On what grounds? Well, that settles it. If she can do that then I can officially write a cook book too. And I might even claim that I am part eagle and can fly myself to all the book tours. That all sounds about as logical as her writing a cook book.


When the book does come out, she DOESN't HAVE TO go out promoting it. She said herself she didn't care if she didn't make money on the books. Stop the insanity! Stop making a fool of yourself!

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