Kara DioGuardi: Of Course Adam Lambert is Gay!

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Earlier this week, we asked readers if they thought Adam Lambert should officially come out of the closet.

A majority of respondents so far have said no, Lambert doesn't owe it to anyone to announce that he's gay.

Based on her appearance on this morning's edition of The View, it sounds like Kara DioGuardi would reply similarly, but for a different reason: everyone already knows Adam is gay!

"I don't think that Adam was ever in [the closet]," the American Idol judge said. "I think he was always openly out."

That's not entirely true, of course. Lambert has never been ashamed to act in a certain matter (nor should he be), but he's gone out of his way to beat around the homosexual bush each time a reporter has broached the topic of his sexuality.

Adam Lambert Rocks CBS' Early Show

Asked by Barbara Walters whether the perception of being gay negatively affected Lambert's finish on the show, DioGuardi said:

"I hope not...  because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry and they both [Lambert and winner Kris Allen] had that."

Do you agree? Do you think Lambert's sexual orientation cost him the American Idol crown?


@EB... You're a loser... Go back to your farm!
Gay is not a look.... It's a choice. Kids should be tought that it is important to be yourself and not allow comments from 200 year old tossers such as youself stop them from reaching their true potential.
I am not gay, but I certainly will not judge anyone based on their choice on whom or what they love. This is exactly why Adam didn't win... viewers such as EB sitting on their wooden rocking chairs and seeing black finger polish or the metal studs or whatever and judging the look instead of the performance!
Go chew some tobacco on your porch, watch the sunset... Me and the rest of the sinners on this planet want to watch gays rocking on stage!


I personally don't think a white person from the south is a good role model either. I'd take a gay over a redneck bumpkin any day!


not homophobic, just practical! Would you want your kids to think "oh man this adam guy is cool, and he's gay, i want to be just like him," ? Don't think so! I never said Adam was a bad person, I actually really like him, I just don't think he would be the best choice to represent our country... and the majority of America apparently agrees, since Kris won. Religion and politics aside, I just don't think parents want their kids to think they should be gay just because he is, and there's no way of putting that info aside since it's already all over the news.


Um, a person can be gay AND a good role model. Seriously homophobic there, aren't we? Adam seems like a good person and has been a good friend to Kris and is happy Kris won. It makes me sick that in this country we see gay people as "abnormal" or "evil". Completely blinded by politics and religion.


It's a good thing Adam didn't win! I believe he is a great singer, but our American Idol shouldn't be gay... that's just not right. We need an idol like Kris to be a good example to kids. Kelly Clarkson was and is another great role model. Ruben on the other hand, being obese? Not the best role model, don't you think?

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