Kara DioGuardi: Of Course Adam Lambert is Gay!

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Earlier this week, we asked readers if they thought Adam Lambert should officially come out of the closet.

A majority of respondents so far have said no, Lambert doesn't owe it to anyone to announce that he's gay.

Based on her appearance on this morning's edition of The View, it sounds like Kara DioGuardi would reply similarly, but for a different reason: everyone already knows Adam is gay!

"I don't think that Adam was ever in [the closet]," the American Idol judge said. "I think he was always openly out."

That's not entirely true, of course. Lambert has never been ashamed to act in a certain matter (nor should he be), but he's gone out of his way to beat around the homosexual bush each time a reporter has broached the topic of his sexuality.

Adam Lambert Rocks CBS' Early Show

Asked by Barbara Walters whether the perception of being gay negatively affected Lambert's finish on the show, DioGuardi said:

"I hope not...  because we should be judging on talent and viability in the music industry and they both [Lambert and winner Kris Allen] had that."

Do you agree? Do you think Lambert's sexual orientation cost him the American Idol crown?

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so wat if hes a gay he ment to win american idol its just his sexuality so- well wati think is adam should be the winner well maybe cuz He is a great singer and extreeem hot


these comments [alot of them..] are really making me REALLY mad.
im a teenager.
and adam lambert is my insparation. and my role model.
im also a christian.
but do you see me blabbing about his sexuality? NO. WHO FREAKING CARES.
people need to really think about how immature they sound sometimes.
i absolutly HATE people who judge people on stupid things. its like, do you have anything better to do?????
poor adam. being put under all this pressure. gahhhh.
sometimes it makes me ashamed to live in a world that is so judgemental :P


Gay is like a disease like it or not. Gays are not geared to breed because they are not attracted to the opposite sex in order to procreate. Procreation is life and what extends life. Put it this way we can live without gays but we can't live without straights. Being gay is not a choice it is a disease. I wish I wasn't gay but I am and I will not have a family unless it's developed unnaturally. If you don't think it's a disease try living in my mind each day and it will make most men sick even those unsure of their sexuality. If you are straight then stop debating and get on with your wonderful life where you will most likely have kids, grandkids and grow old with others around you not like me and my sad friends. All we have is our parties and our sex that's it and if that's not a disease then what is?


People are out of work, losing their houses and cars, not to mention the already homeless starving people and everyone is so worried about wether or not this guy is gay. I think we have far bigger things right now to worry about.


I think peaches hit it & I agree.. As for gay singers there have been plenty didn't hurt Elton John or Johnny Mathis to be open.


hmm.. even there is a GAY that is a good role model and that is Adam Lambert..he is a HUMAN too, not an abnormal guy! this is a singing competition not to find children idol.. and also there are many other famous singers that have some unique styles. just admit the differences! adam is unique! kid can have their own choice and adult can only advice them..it's their life!
and why is kara bothering adam's business? that is just wrong.. but whatever the real answer is i don't care. love adam forever..


I can't believe Kara beat Adam in revealing his true sexuality. Personally, I don't really care whether he is gay as long as he is a good person. I prefer Kris' music and singing, but I think Adam is also an amazing artist. Kris and Adam are BFF even though they are different. Let's leave it at that and just enjoy their music.


I don't think Kara had any right revealing her "opinions" about someone else, when, in fact, Adam says nothing but good things about her. It's Adam's business when and what he reveals about himself. Kara knows that he's not discussing his personal life with any of the media, so how dare her take it upon herself to discuss someone else's life. I was trying real hard to like her, but this turned me off.


First of all... I'm 18.
Second of all... my friends dress like Adam, and personally I love his style.
Third of all... there is absolutely nothing wrong with being country.
Kris is a good pure guy. I love both Adam and Kris. I'm sorry if I offended anyone. What I'm trying to get as is some kids think it's "trendy" to be gay and it's just a phase for them. But you're right, how is that Adams fault? I'll just leave it at "I'm glad Kris won... he's a great role model." :)


get a grip people. gay is just like straight only different.no choice, just being who you are. sheesh, get on with your lives and enjoy the ride.

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