Jon and Kate Gosselin: Divorce Pending?

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Did you watch the fifth season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus a Few Possibly-Contrived-Infidelity-Rumors-Meant-to-Boost-Ratings 8 last night?

Those that did noticed that Jon and Kate Gosselin didn't appear on camera at the same time until 45 minutes into the episode.

Kate Gosselin's Hair

Once they finally shared a screen together, the pair pretty much laid into each other.

"Slowly, I've seen him almost resent the duties [of being a parent]," Kate said to viewers. "I know it's a lot to take care of eight kids. I'm traveling a lot, he's frustrated a lot. I think he's angry at me. He doesn't really feel great about me.

"Have I been hard on him for almost the last 10 years that we've been married? I would never deny that. I've always regretted it. Have I pushed him to this? I don't feel like I have. I feel like everyone is responsible for their own actions."

Note to couples: when a television crew captures your renewed wedding vows on camera, this is not the sign of a healthy marriage.

Meanwhile, Jon lamented that the series has "become a business" (which paid for their house and almost everything in it, he conveniently forgot to add), while giving his wife a guilt trip for always going on book tours.

In response to the episode, New Jersey's Star Ledger rightfully called out Kate for her hypocrisy over the paparazzi.

During a voiceover, the diluted, self-absorbed mother mother said she tells her kids to call the paparazzi "the P-people" because "I don't want them going to school being like, 'Well, the paparazzi is following us, like, that's so creepy.'"

Replied the Star Ledger: "What's creepy is having your children followed around by a camera crew. Any camera crew. Period. It's exploitation, whatever cutesy name you want to give it."

Do you think Jon and Kate will get divorced?


I used to enjoy watching this show because it used to make me smile. I admired the family life that they had, as I lost my family unity in a divorce in 2005. It is truly unfortunate that things have turned out the way they have. I don't believe either Kate or Jon expected the fame fortune that this show has brought to them, but I do believe it has gone to Kate's head. They seem to have forgotten what started this whole thing - the children. I hope they wake up and put a stop to the insanity, whether together happily ever after or divorced. They both stated last night that they would do anything for the children, that they are there for them. I hope they both mean it.


Stop saying the show needs to be cancelled. You know that as long as you keep watching it, or talking about it, or thinking about it, on and on, that it will still be on TV. Ratings, baby, ratings are all that matter.


It was a very sad show watching Kate talk over and over about how SHE is doing everything for the kids, implying that Jon was not, painting herself as the good guy-- of course, she is the one who wants to keep the show going, to continue collecting all the freebies, and if the reports are true, $75,000 an episode isn't chump change. I hope this $ is in a trust fund for the kids, and mom isn't having a field day. I thought it was even more sad because TLC chose to show two older episodes from happier times prior to the premiere. Sadly, however, it only reinforced how their family has benefitted from the show's fame-- shopping spree--Globetrotter game, Children's Museum, Art Museum, etc.Kate was laughing talking about how she's come to love shopping. If it's all free, I think most people would love it as well.


All the fame and money in the world is'nt worth the heartache it's going to cause these little children down the road. There is enough heartaches with all the little kids getting murdered or missing without watching this play out week after week.Pull the plug on it before you create more damage you can't undo.


In my opinion this family has gone through enough. I use to watch when all the money, fame and freebies weren't expected. I truely feel that the kids need and deserve privacy. They can't live a normal life due to those cameras up in their faces all the time. As far as Jon and Kate goes......they need to either work it out in a healthy manner or get a divorce. Its nice to be in the same house with the other parent and raise the kids together but if it is affecting their emotional and phychological wellbeing then living apart is in the best interest of the kids. We must remember that you don't have to live with your kids to be a great parent. They didn't ask for the fame why should they suffer?


I think TLC should pull the plug on Jon and Kate plus 8. TLC is making money off of this family fued, as well as Jon and Kate. Kate is a money hungry leech, shows no affection to her children, still treats Jon like garbage and is all about her looks, clothes, that damn hair that needs to be cut because it is in her freakin' eyes....YGH!!!Seriously, I watched the show when they were a "normal working-class family", now that the show has brought them money and "undesired fame" it has lost it's wholesome appeal. I wanted to watch the show to see how the "did it" with so many kids and one income. I wanted to see how it would relate to my life and the lives of millions of other middle-class families trying to make it. Now, it has become nothing more than soap opera. Plug the plug....I will watch Little People Big World......they still have it together!


I watched the entire episode last night and am very upset with this aricle and incorrect information. When Jon and Kate finally were filmed together, neither of them hardly spoke. They never spoke to one anoter and definitly did not lay into eachother. Also, it was Kate who said that one of the kids called her by the babysitter's name NOT Jon. Please make sure this information is correct before posting it. It can be very misleading to many people.


I could not sleep after watching this episode. This show was my favourite. It brought tears to my eyes to see how sad/confused Kate was last night. No she isnt perfect but she was trying to keep things orderly and together. I do believe she was a little hard on Jon starting out. I hope they get it together.


I watched Jon and Kate last night. I wanted to cry. They should not be airing this show anymore--look what it's done to what use to set ideals for a good (not perfect) marriage and good (not perfect) family life. If Kate says "alone" one more time I think I;m finished watching. We really have enough single parent shows on tv. They are now JUST a statistic. Of course this was the first show I saw Kate really cuddle her kids.

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