Jon and Kate Gosselin: Divorce Pending?

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Did you watch the fifth season premiere of Jon & Kate Plus a Few Possibly-Contrived-Infidelity-Rumors-Meant-to-Boost-Ratings 8 last night?

Those that did noticed that Jon and Kate Gosselin didn't appear on camera at the same time until 45 minutes into the episode.

Kate Gosselin's Hair

Once they finally shared a screen together, the pair pretty much laid into each other.

"Slowly, I've seen him almost resent the duties [of being a parent]," Kate said to viewers. "I know it's a lot to take care of eight kids. I'm traveling a lot, he's frustrated a lot. I think he's angry at me. He doesn't really feel great about me.

"Have I been hard on him for almost the last 10 years that we've been married? I would never deny that. I've always regretted it. Have I pushed him to this? I don't feel like I have. I feel like everyone is responsible for their own actions."

Note to couples: when a television crew captures your renewed wedding vows on camera, this is not the sign of a healthy marriage.

Meanwhile, Jon lamented that the series has "become a business" (which paid for their house and almost everything in it, he conveniently forgot to add), while giving his wife a guilt trip for always going on book tours.

In response to the episode, New Jersey's Star Ledger rightfully called out Kate for her hypocrisy over the paparazzi.

During a voiceover, the diluted, self-absorbed mother mother said she tells her kids to call the paparazzi "the P-people" because "I don't want them going to school being like, 'Well, the paparazzi is following us, like, that's so creepy.'"

Replied the Star Ledger: "What's creepy is having your children followed around by a camera crew. Any camera crew. Period. It's exploitation, whatever cutesy name you want to give it."

Do you think Jon and Kate will get divorced?


I want to know why Kate has all the money. The kids belong to John and Kate and they shoud split all the money made from the kids. He is waiting on tables and she is living the high life. He should have left her a long time ago. She always acted like nobody knew anything but her. John was always wrong, everything had to be her way. She always acted like she was better than John, always putting him down. She loves the spotlight, always obsessing about her looks, she needs a new attitude instead.


thought continued.. again.. it's not as though they were bums with 14 kids living off welfare in their parents' one storey house.. they worked before the show as IT guy and a Nurse.. they were lucky.. they won the lottery.. honestly if you were given the amount of money they make would you not indulge especially knowing that you've already saved enough for all their college tuition? let's be realistic


keep on making shows because i love them so much ok thats it


please dont divorce cause i like your show alot and i would hate to see you guys divorce cause dats no good and because your kids love you and they want to see you together like a familly.


do not split up i like your show alot that i wacth it all the time no matter wat and iam cara's bigest fan iam also fan of hannna and she is so cute so is adean so thats all i have to say please write back when ever u can


I am the mother of five children and the last two being twins. I use to admire and relate to their struggles of getting a large family of young children out the door. The looks you get from people and always asked "Are they all yours"?
Now, I hate the way Kate flaunts the money, the trips to the stadium all with special privilages. This is not real life. I cant relate any more because the things they do as a family are not ordinary anymore. The dont talk about the struggles of raising multiples and large families. Tonight episode made me sick watching Kate and ONE daughter get a mani and a ped done. These are the values you want to set for your children? There is no longer a family bond. Kate tears jon apart, she is always angry and never happy to be with her children.
I have given up on that show for good. Kate needs a rality check.


if they do divorce, and probably will if only half of the rumors are true, the show should be canceled.It would be interesting to do a show about the KIDS once a year.The money that is made on these yearly shows should be for the kids and only the kids!!!


Jon sacrificed himself for the children's freedom. He finally realized the only way to accomplish this was to implode the show in controversy. Hopefully the Gosselin children will soon have their freedom.


It was very sad to watch last nights show. I think they should not do anymore shows and try to live a normal life. I can't help but feel that Kate is the one who really wants a divorce, yet is making it seem like John resents all this. Something tells me she cares for someone else and it's not John. Hope I'm wrong. For them not being together anymore she is still bossing him around. When they were getting the family picture in the end she's telling him to take off his sunglasses. Why does she care if he wears his sunglasses for the picture. She was worried about her makeup getting ruined from crying. I will not be watching the show anymore. It was too depressing. I'm not sure what her book is about but won't it change the sale of her books if there divorced. I think if they just try to live a normal life, the papparazzie will not even care about them after a month or so.


By the way, I will no longer be watching the show. It has turned ugly and does not give me the warm fuzzy feeling anymore. Take care Gosselin family - Peace

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