John Mayer: Covered in Kisses, Ignoring Drunk Girl

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douchebag (n.): "An individual displaying an over-inflated sense of self worth, possibly compounded by a low level of intelligence, behaving ridiculously in front of colleagues with no sense of how moronic he appears."

This definition, courtesy of the all-knowing online oracle known as the Urban Dictionary, sums up singer-songwriter John Mayer as well as one word can.

Leaving the club MyHouse in Los Angeles with his t-shirt and face covered in lipstick kisses, John joked that he really scored. No word on whether Mayer went into the bathroom, put lipstick on and kissed his own t-shirt repeatedly.

If this scene alone wasn't enough to cement his douchebag status for all eternity, he decided to bust out some Michael Jackson moves on the street.

We've actually seen worse.

The best part of this video is the random drunk girl who attempts to approach and dance with the star as he's gettin' down. John might still be shagging Scheana Marie Jancan after all, because he completely ignored this shameless hack ...


Can't a guy have fun anymore and just be a goofball for a few seconds?! Apparently not. I guess we should all take ourselves super seriously, lest we be referred to as 'douchebags' by the douchebag "journalists" of Give me a GD break.


Well excuse me, Jason. Not all of us have no lives and all the free time in the world to sit around reading every celebrity's Twitter page. Anyone with half a brain cell knows Twitter is just mindless garbage, and the people who follow all these celebrities' mindless thoughts on there are complete morons with nothing better to do with their time. Plus, everyone knows Mayer is a douche, anyway. I didn't need to see this video, whether it's fake or real, to determine that.


Totally has lost his edge. Not even writing anything decent anymore.


dude is a bit of a douche though


Someone who has to look up douchebag in the dictionary and not realize that this was a JOKE if you had read his twitter page instead of being so gullible and letting your hate for someone get the best of you.


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