Jewel to Melissa Rycroft: Suck It Up!

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Jewel was originally scheduled to compete on the eighth season of Dancing with the Stars. However, she was forced to the sideline with a knee injury.

Now, as husband Ty Murray remains in the competition, the singer doesn't understand why Melissa Rycroft is allowed to recover from her recent injury.

"I think the rule about 'judging a rehearsal if the person is too injured to perform' was weird both times they have used it," Jewel wrote on her Murray's MySpace page.

She's referring to the fact a contestant too injured to perform on the live broadcast will be judged on his/her rehearsal footage. This is what happened on Monday, as a fractured rib made impossible for Rycroft to dance.

"As bad as I felt for Melissa, who I hope feels better and comes back, I'm used to our cowboy athletes that live by the rule: 'Ride hurt or don’t get a score,'" Jewel added. "It may seem harsh, but it seems like the only way to keep things honest."

The claws have come out. Now you must choose a side: Team Jewel or Team Rycroft?


If you want an honest competition your husband would have been voted off the 3rd week or so. I like him and respect him unfortunately he is married to a woman that should be concentrating on getting that gap in the teeth thing fixed instead of being jealous that a beautiful girl from Texas has really a natural talent and your husband unfortunately doesnt.


Let's ignore Jewel. She's jealous of Tye and Melissa. She made sure she wouldn't be able to continue on DWTS because she can't dance and couldn't cut the mustard. She thought Tye would fail early on. He stuck it out and has done well, he showed her up and she can't take. Her mouth gets her in trouble. She's one rude gal and not worthy of our attention.


I don't recall Jewel having any comment about Steve-o being judged on a rehearsal tape when he was injured.


It seems to me that Jewel is trying to find a way to eliminate Melissa because she is so talented. I hope Melissa goes all the way and wins that silver globe! She's great. Jewel, retract your claws... it's only a game!


I'd love to know if she carried the same opinion when Steve-O did the same thing.


Miss Jewel: Because you attacked Melissa, you have just lost some fans!!!!

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