Jason Hummel "Feels Good" Confirming Affair Between Sister and Jon Gosselin

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Forget Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The story of Jon & Kate Plus 8, in Addition to One Lover and Two Disloyal Brothers is far more interesting.

A couple weeks after he accused sister Deanna Hummel of nailing reality TV star Jon Gosselin, Jason Hummel certainly isn't backing off his story. In fact, he's reveling in it.

"I am not a liar," he told E! News earlier today. "The rumors are true. It feels good to let people know that I am not the liar."

It must. Clearing up one's public perception - which never would have existed in the first place if Jason hadn't gone on record about the affair - is far more pressing than remaining loyal to one's sister.

In the video below, Jason adds that he thinks Jon and Deanna will continue to see one another; Jon may have tried to bribe him with Philles tickets; and the couple would defy Bristol Palin's anti-sex advice "at least three times per week."

Meanwhile, Deanna's OTHER brother, John, is also confirming his sister's affair.

"[Jason] is telling the truth, and they paint him in a bad picture, and that's why I'm here:to let people know he's telling the truth," John Hummel said to E! News.

As for Jon Gosselin, this John almost doesn't blame him for being unfaithful to his insane, annoying, nagging other half.

"His wife is crazy," said John. "I guess I would cheat on her, too."

As for Kate Gosselin's family? They aren't much more supportive. Her brother swears she and Jon have agreed to a marriage contract that permits him to pound any female flesh that comes his way... as long as he's on time for filming, of course.

Let's hope the children of Jon and Kate Gosselin aren't permitted to surf the Internet. Ever.


my comment is, regardless if the rumors are true or not, John and Kate need to step out of the limelight and deal with their issues in private. Take the kids off the air. Stop the show. Get their marriage resolved, one way or the other, and have a "normal" life. Their time in the spotlight should be over. Get real jobs. Be a real family. Deal with the real problems.


And Null, how do you know I am not on publicized and my life isn't public??? Oh, so your a Null Psychic?


Null, your screen name says it all! Kate is angry at her trailer trash up bringing. She has no social skills and just takes anything she gets and has no idea how to be gracious. This comes from lack of breeding. THIS IS ON SCREEN. So the name "Null", does that describe your sight and sound abilities too? Kate is rude and tactless and would never survive in the upper middless class she strives to be in...had she actually had to work to get there. My character is not in question...I am upper middle class..r
Null...you and your opinion is just that. Yes, I am upper middle class. Was raised and schooled that way and treat other human beings with respect. And your point?


Reply to JJ on May 24, 2009, 1:54 pm: "How do YOU know know so much about Kate, to make such a judgemental comment, as you did on this site? How is YOUR character, to 'afford' you to display such name-calling, etc ? I bet if YOUR life was out there for all to see, you would be in the same 'boat' as Jon & Kate!! Don't tell me, for one second, that you are so perfect, that you would be found so glorious in the media!!! People like you make me sick, make me LOL!, & MAKE ME ASHAMED of people treating skills, in general! Are you married, or have been in a relationship, that has been all perfect between you both? You've never treated anyone, in impulsive speach, behavior,& then realize, "wow, didn't mean it, was an 'uhoh' moment?"...Please, gimme a break !! If you're so perfect, & think this is such a perfect World we live in, you need to recheck yourself! TEAM GOSSELINS


Kate is such trailer trash (literally). She is a soured and nasty dispositioned feeble. No amount of exploiting her kids for money will change that fact. She is rude, tactless, trailer trash. John, thank GOD you can finally afford to divorce the b*tch :-)


This Jason guy is such a LIAR!! I don't care if it's not his characteristic, he is a LIAR! Just wants his 15 min of fame and has nothing better to do than to make up crap about others. If you don't care about Jon or Kate's feelings, at least think of these innocent kids. They have done nothing to anyone and don't deserve to see their dad or mom drug throught the dirt. And that video of " a man" leaving the house, ha, that doesn't prove it's Jon Gosselin, it could be anyone, so Jason needs to get his own life and stay out of the Gosselins'!!!


UGH!!!!! THIS Jason Hummel is a low-life scum!! YES, I SAID IT!! He's looking for other means to make a "living". He needs money, & that is THAT! He's shady..VERY SHADY!! NO SLIM SHADY HERE..IT'S MORE LIKE A SEQUEL TO IT: "SCUM SHADY". How DARE you, make a living off of someone's mishaps!! Yes, MISHAPS! God deals with people like you, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!"..for GOD watches over HIS people, whether they've gone "astray"...STILL, HE deals with people like you!You DON'T want to face the wrath of GOD! You are NO BETTER THAN THE ONE WHO ERRED IN HIS WAYS! There are children at stake, & a wife who DOES love him..how would YOU feel if someone publisized all you wrong doings all over the media? You sicken me, Jason !! I believe I can speak for many others, too! You DISGUST ME!!! Signed, a Loving Gosselin Fan/Friend


Jason Hummel, John Hummel, and the brother of Kate are trash, have no credibility, and shouldn't be believed. They haven't given any proof that Jon & Deanna had an affair. All these guys have to offer is lip service. These guys are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame, since fame for them can't come in any legitimate way. It's obvious these guys have an axe to grind with their siblings. Otherwise, they'd have some respect and keep their mouths, even if the affair were true.


"it feels good" is probably also what Deanna said on the sex tape ... OHHHHH


Kate needs a psych evaluation right now. She is out of control and does not have any friends or family left to pull her back. This whole thing is a nightmare for the children.

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