Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry: Make Out Alert!

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We hope Gabriel Aubrey wasn't watching Spike TV last night.

At the network's Guys Choice Awards, Halle Berry picked up the Decade of Hotness honor. And she celebrated by making men everywhere despise Jamie Foxx.

Tormented by Kim!

The gorgeous 42-year-old got to first base - and a bit more! - with the Oscar-winning actor. Just look at the location of his hand... and hers!

Click on the pics above to get a closer look at Jamie Foxx and Halle Berry locking lips.


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Come on now first he kissed Fantasia Now Ms. Berry, Get real he's a stage kissing whore.


She needs to get over it. Isn't this the same type of behavior she called her ex-husband for...being an exhibitionist? Props to Jamie...what about the guy she has at home. Maybe they have an open agreement? She can go on Oprah and explain is away too.


No No No...we do NOT despise Jamie, we give him PROPS!
Get it right "Hilton Hater", get it right! LOL! Seriously, It's impossible for us men to "hate" or despise Jamie at this point. Halle Berry is so fine at over 40 years of age, she looks better OR equal to 90% of ALL women (colors/races) in this world who are 21 - 41. Props to Jamie Foxx!

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