Hayden Panettiere Misspells Tattoo, is a Moron

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Outstanding as the recent bikini pictures of her on a boat in Cannes might be, it appears Hayden Panettiere is lacking in the intelligence department.

The 19-year-old actress has a tattoo that reads “Vivere senza rimipianti” or "Live without regrets" in Italian. Only problem? There’s one too many i’s.

Hayden in Lace

Maybe Milo Ventimiglia mis-translated it for her as a cruel joke ...

THAT'S GOTTA HURT: Heroes spoiler alert. Hayden Panettiere is a moron.

While the permanently inked mantra on the star's back, which looks sort of silly to begin with, reads “rimipianti,” it should be spelled “rimpianti.”

Have fun getting that changed.

Of course, the bikini-clad star did not seem too worried about it as she lounged around with her rumored beau, British TV presenter Steve Jones.

With views like this, he likely doesn't care either.


hayden is a moron for multiple reasons- most notably getting a tattoo, and secondly not bothering to check if what she was getting inked onto her was actually accurate. so yes, you morons and losers defending her- she is a complete moron , like yourselves.


I agree; so she got her (otherwise quite attractive) tattoo misspelled - so what! It's not like she killed somebody... I think gossip blogs (this one included) are laying into her so heavily on this because she's so far failed to be caught up in anything really bad; no drugs, no booziness, no on-set flare-ups, no arrests... so this "slip up" is as close to an excuse as they can get. Which says more about them (and a lot of the people putting comments) than it does about her. Apparently the story about the translation came from Perez Hilton. As I wouldn't go near him or his site if you paid me I can't confirm it, but we know he can't stand her (this is the "man" who once photoshopped a picture of Hayden so she was holding a dildo) so I can believe it.


leave hayden alone you classless losers


Do you know what?
She hasn't done anything to upset anybody,
Maybe rimipianti is how it's pronounced?
Ever thought about that?
And, saying that ''Hayden Panettiere is a moron''
...Chances are,
that Hayden DIDN'T put the tatoo on herself.
No offence,
but this site kinda' seems like a moron now =) Bye!


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