Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Questions, Reflections

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In a word ... seriously!?

As Grey's Anatomy faded to white, Izzie stood in the elevator in her prom dress from Season Two, with George in his new Army uniform staring back at her. The presumed afterlife encounter was the last we will see of either ... until September, anyway.

Katherine Heigl at New Year's Even Premiere

After almost an entire year of off-screen and on-screen drama regarding the future of Katherine Heigl (Izzie Stevens) and T.R. Knight (George O'Malley), their status remains ambiguous after last night's heart-stopping Grey's Anatomy finale.

Izzie was getting better, and George finally had a purpose, enlisting as an Army doctor. But then she coded at the end, while it a bus crash patient whose facial injuries made him unrecognizable turned out to be George. He crashed, as well.

Creator Shonda Rhimes was still coy in an interview this morning on the fate of Heigl and Knight. Here are some questions about the two beloved, likely-dead characters, and those who we know will be back, that linger as we await Season Six ...

  • Where does Dr. Bailey go from here?
  • Will Lexie and Mark move in together?
  • Are Cristina and Owen like, a couple now?
  • Will Jessica Capshaw (Arizona) be around next season?
  • As the baby bump becomes more and more visible, is Ellen Pompeo's pregnancy going to be written in, or will she go on leave?
  • Was the Meredith-Derek wedding - officiated by themselves, and with hastily written vows recited via post-it note - the real deal?
  • Will this be the most talked-about episode since the second season finale (2006), in which Izzie wore said prom dress as Denny passed away?
  • Is this ending the result of the producers' own ambiguity over whether George and Izzie will die - and/or the actors' willingness to come back?

What do you think? Was it outrageously bad? Are you exhausted in every way? Did you find the Grey's Anatomy season finale exhilarating?

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he didn't have an army haircut until he was "dead". you could see his hair hanging out through the bandages.
but i have been crying nonstop since i watched the finale online like 10 minutes ago. when you watch a show for a long time, it kinda feels like your losing a close friend or a family member when the people die. i'm the same way about NCIS. but i havn't cried this hard in 2 years maybe. it hurts, as corny as it sounds. i really hope at least one of them is back next seasonnn !


from another website i understood that this is all just to shock people even more, when alex
dies in the next season..OMG i mean i hate the idea of alex karev leaving..


Season 1 George was chosen to be the first intern to operate, an appendix removal, and he almost killed the patient. I think it was Alex who first referred to him as 007. Izzie asked what it meant. Meredith replied " Licensed to kill". 007 James Bond, licensed to kill


This was the most exciting finale I have ever seen. I don't want Izzie to leave. She and Karev need to have a honeymoon and He needs to change because of the loving beautiful wife he will have. The last scene was stunning. THe gown Izzie was wearing is a true princess look. If she does come back, I hope the cancer is gone. I know that is not realistic bbbbbut I watch TV for entertainment, not reality. I hope they both come back but I think george has other career plans. He will be missed a lot. This is my favorite show. I never miss watching.


My theory is that the dress Izzy was wearing is a dress she actually wore and the uniform George is wearing is something that has not actually happened George will live because he will then be able to actually have a uniform and medals and such and that he is at the elevator to greet Izzy and to take care of her...just like he has always done, he will either turn her over to Denny or send her back to is a cliff hanger for sure...a darn good one, i for one am holding on to the dream that both will live.


I cant believe george is dead he was my fav character and im not suprise that izzy is gone she was talking mess about the writer when they were on strike so o well but why did they let george go he was the one in the show with the positive attitude he kept every1 together so upset i wasnt to pleased about it


Why did Izzie look to the side once when she was on the elevator staring at George? They were shocking her, do you think they almost revived her? She may come back!


Did you said it? I love you!I don't ever want to live without you! You changed my life. Did you say it? Make a plan,set a goal, work toward it. But every now and then,look around, drink it in...Cause this is it, it might all be gone tomorrow...
Really Love This show!


The elevator is a metaphor for death. Izzy is on it; it stops for George. He doesn't get on, but she makes a half-step forward. The writers left it really open-ended by having Izzy's eyes move under her eyelids on the last defibrilator segment. I can see either one or both, which is probably the freedom the writers wanted to have. My guess is that they both live, allowing for at least guest spots periodically. George will come back with a different face (old day time soap opera trick)and Izzy will come back changed, as the docs did not respect her DNR order, and won't be able to continue as a doctor. FYI LOVE THIS SHOW!