Gretchen Rossi: Real Housewife of ... Nude Pics!

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Two weeks ago, Gretchen Rossi made headlines for suing - a very busy website these days - for publishing pictures of her on the toilet.

Her lawyers sent a cease and desist letter demanding the pics be removed.

This begs the question of why she allowed someone to snap photos of her on the pot in the first place, then didn't delete them, but that's neither here nor there.

In any case, the toilet pics are now the least of the Real Housewives of Orange County star's worries, as another photo scandal has arisen today.

The same celebrity gossip site has posted a nude Gretchen Rossi photo. In it, she appears to be ... well, you can figure it out. She's having fun.

Follow the jump to see the picture in question, as well as the toilet shots and other Gretchen Rossi images that actually involve her in clothing ...

Gretchen Rossi Nude

There you have it. first released this imagne, but we've gone a step further in our censorship by covering up Gretchen's apparatus.

Just use your imagination, okay?

Click to enlarge lots more photos of The Real Housewives of Orange County star below, including the aforementioned bathroom picture. Weird.

Gretchen Rossi Toilet Pic

this is bullshit, if your gonna show the pics then show them. stop covering up the business areas....


Seriously that's what gretchen gets she's always playing the victim and poking her nose in everyones business and she's always bringing up drama that's all she talks about on the show its annoying and she's not even a housewife she should leave the show


I love to watch "Real Housewives of Orange County". Porn Star Gretchen Rossi, shouldn't be included in the show being she is not even married. I think she is beautiful but as the saying goes, that is only skin deep. She should not be giving advise to her friend or her friend's daughter either with the naked pictures I have just viewed. The show she should be on instead of Housewives is "Girls Gone Wild" or "Gretchen does Orange County"!!! And, to her lover, Slade, PAY YOUR CHILD SUPPORT AND SPEND TIME WITH YOUR OWN KIDS!!! I would have told you to go to hell if you had given me advise on child rearing. You shouldn't be on Housewives either, Loser dude! - S.L.


I think Gretchen makes the show worth watching. i can't stand the rest of the women, they are two faced, back stabbing stuck ups! Without their kiss ass husbands, they wold have and be no where in life. Oh' Vicki I do consider a husband she has no clue how to be a woman or a real friend. She cries more than a 2 year old when she cant get her way.She only married her husband again after realizing he is the only one that will deal with her crap and she has no real friends on the show. Tamera is just a big back stabbing idiot that cares more about keeping money bags as a friend than her own family. Gretchen down to earth and better then them all. She needs to be on a show with more women like herself not on a show full of idiots and back stabbers. Keep Gretchen dump the rest ,at least she is real!


jst ignore what everything bad things that lyn says about You. after all she is the one whose really problematic and not You. if she doesnt know how to descipline her bratty kid thats her problem. she should not care so much negative thoughts about all your advices about alexa. youre jst there to help and if shes taking it too negative we cnt do anything about that.. Her girl needs to much attentin she is nothing baut a drama queen. and she is really super spoiled. too bad for her parents


there is nothing wrong with gretchens picture for crying out loud. she look so hot and have a gorgeous body that any woman can dream of. Her boobs are not fake and she knows how to carry herself so well. i like her character so much. tamara is really sickly jealous of her. jst ignore her gretchen. she is not worth fighting for after all she is such a bitchy and a problematic woman maybe thats the reason why she is having a problem cause she is too preoccupied thingking too much about You


I think whoever took the pics and posted them should pay not her.she doesn't deserve to be put down by anyone.we don't know her only her family and true friends just looks like a lot of people r jealous.tamera deserves the biggest reward on jealousy towards gretchen!ignore them gretchen


i had alot of respect for her last season however now i feel she is a trailer park slut


Lying on the bed with her hands where they are, and with that expression on her face, she seems to be masturbating.


I think that is a hot pink road biking suit. Slade is really into road biking and you can see him doing it in the first couple of seasons of the Real Housewives of the OC.