Gretchen Rossi: Real Housewife of ... Nude Pics!

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Two weeks ago, Gretchen Rossi made headlines for suing - a very busy website these days - for publishing pictures of her on the toilet.

Her lawyers sent a cease and desist letter demanding the pics be removed.

This begs the question of why she allowed someone to snap photos of her on the pot in the first place, then didn't delete them, but that's neither here nor there.

In any case, the toilet pics are now the least of the Real Housewives of Orange County star's worries, as another photo scandal has arisen today.

The same celebrity gossip site has posted a nude Gretchen Rossi photo. In it, she appears to be ... well, you can figure it out. She's having fun.

Follow the jump to see the picture in question, as well as the toilet shots and other Gretchen Rossi images that actually involve her in clothing ...

Gretchen Rossi Nude

There you have it. first released this imagne, but we've gone a step further in our censorship by covering up Gretchen's apparatus.

Just use your imagination, okay?

Click to enlarge lots more photos of The Real Housewives of Orange County star below, including the aforementioned bathroom picture. Weird.

Gretchen Rossi Toilet Pic

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I just want to say that I feel very very very Sorry for Tamra and Vicki. Tamra because she is just so all over the place and such a hater on Gretchen and Vicki bc she seems like a good person the only thing is when Tamra gets around vicki seems like a lost puppy. If tamra is happy with grtchen so is Vicki but if not then u get the idea. this is so high school. Vicki daughter said that she is in her 20's and they dont evern act like that but the thing is that it was all Tamra's fault. She started it and then lied and said that she didnt. she is all mouth. and if she would have thrown that paper in my face she would be sipping soup out of a cup with a straw. SHE IS A HATER THAT CANT BACK UP WHAT SHE BRINGS ON HER SELF. *** WITH LOVE FROM OZARK ALABAMA GRETCHEN***


Those girls are beautiful.


Gretchen, I think you are beautiful, funny, you have a great sense of humor and I have had a good laugh watching and listening to you on the show. You have had to deal with alot for someone so young and I applaude you for that.Hang in there, you a doing a great job.. Thanks for the entertainment....


Gret..chen is a breath of fresh air on this show...she has a great sense of humor and has a good heart! Haters like Tamra (,two faced) with her hater girlfriend (work-a-pig). Lynn is sweet and down to earth... Jeanna saw the light and took the high road. The new girl and the (macho) husband...!!!??? They belong together...she is insecure and under his spell( even though she is drop dead gorgeous)...So Gretchen... you go girl with your new boyfriend (smiley) he really seems like a great guy. Goog luck to you and I offer you my deepest sympathy for your loss. I believed your relasionship was real!(Tamra is evil like her loser son...Good job mom...!!!)Bye Gretchen Have a great day!!


Wow, we all know she is beautiful for 31? I think she deserves to be on this show guys, give her a break! She was getting married to the older guy when he gets better. But he just didn't, unfortunately(sorry). We all know how CATTY girls are, this show just shows that the CAT never growths out of a girl. Jealously is the main focus is beauty and money. Go Team Gretchen Rossi Go


I love you Gretchen. If she were not on the show, it would be boring! She's beautiful, intelligent and all the other older women on the show are jealous. Don't change a thing are the bomb!


She is the most leveled headed person on the show. so nice so gorgeous and obviously knows how to have a good time!