Gretchen Rossi Fashion: The Epitome of Class

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Earlier this week, a Gretchen Rossi nude picture was "leaked" online, depicting the Real Housewives of Orange Country in the buff and having a grand ol' time with herself. Further elaboration is not necessary at this time.

Now, Bravo has released some pictures of Rossi and her beau, Slade Smiley (yes, that's his name) doing some light weekend shopping. You know, just picking up a few essentials, such as a hot pink, form-fitting plastic catsuit:

Britney Spears, Plaid Shirt

The unparalleled sophistication that is Gretchen Rossi fashion.

Wow. Spicing up the relationship is great, but we don't even know what to say about this getup. Imagine how she'd feel if she knew there were cameras outside.

Oh, right, the attention whore is doing this because there are cameras outside. Now it makes sense. Forgot who we were talking about for a brief instant there.

Fans of the Real Housewives know that Gretchen Rossi and Slade Smiley are a match made in heaven. And if you aren't convinced yet, click to enlarge more pictures of her trying on classy S&M costumes below. The black one's nice too ...


She seems to be the only one invited to do appearances outside of the housewives show. Bet Tamra's still boiling over with jealousy.


Your comments are so funny. Her outfits are costumes she is using for an event. Gretchen is competing in the Gumball 3000 to raise money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. You can see her wearing these fun race inspired outfits on her website. Look up or


um, hello she's wearing plastic its so well kinda no really ugly i agree with lizz so plastic


Wasn't he on the 'Housewives' show when he was with Jo? He's douchy.


She is trying on the women's outfits for car racing. It's for a fundraiser, how horrible!
It's already explained on Bravo's site. Not really a big deal.


She's totally plastic! It's like saying a plastic bowl is pretty.


Very good looking lady

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