Erika Dutra Sinks Her Teeth into Robert Pattinson

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It looks like Robert Pattinson has found a new Bella Swan. At least for one night.

While attending an event at the Cannes Film Festival, the Twilight star was spotted cozying up to Erika Dutra, a random "Los Angeles resident," as described by Life & Style.

Breaking Dawn Trio

"Erika was introduced to Robert by a mutual friend at the beginning of the night and he was smitten with her from that point on," a witness said. "He took pictures of her, sat with her all night, and the two of them were even seen kissing!"

There have been unconfirmed rumors that Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart are dating.

If there's any truth to these allegations, the actress won't be happy to hear that her man and Dutra were reported to have "serious chemistry and looked like they were having an amazing time" at the Cannes event.

And Stewart - along with every female in America - really won't be happy to hear the following, courtesy of a source at the gathering.

"Erika and Robert even left the party together!"

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Hi look if robert doesnt like me its okay . i have my own boyfreind


The guy is young, he should nail as many girls as he can and milk the attention for all it is worth. I'm a female and I'm encouraging him to do that. Plus, I really think Kristen is a lesbian or at least bisexual and I know this is going to anger little tweeny fans, but she really just gives off a lesbian vibe. Maybe she and Rob are together, but I don't expect it to last becaues 1) it is Hollywood and 2) they're young. Dating a costar is a terrible idea because if they break up they're still going to have to film a few more Twilight movies together.


He looks annoyed. and their body chemisty say he's just not that in to you. He is leaning away from her while she is leaning in. He is not even smiling.


All ya'll are crazy!!!! Rob is'nt dating this girl or Kristen. Kristen definitely has a boyfriend named Michael Arangano. so yeah..... ROB IS NOT DATING KRISTEN
i know you all want them to be together cause you want the romance to be true but...they're not ..... DEAL. Don't mean to be mean just keeping it real!!!!! PEACE


OMG.... i love more Kristen than that blonde girl...humph


Bullshit! Kristen Stewart already has a boyfriend, so NO she won't say anything to they "serious chemistry".


i hope not! i think kristen stewart should brake up with her boy friend and then she and robert could be together!


Thanks for the picutre. As this says it all!! Can go back to breathing! Poor guy everyone he is seen with, he is suddenly dating. Hope he gets a break soon.....although i would miss the pictures ;)


Rob looks pretty hammered in this photo. (English for drunk) and if he is with beautiful girl, why ever not! He's only 23 for chrissake and he is not dating Kristen Stewart she has a boyfriend people!! Rise above Zanessa please !!


He looks drunk and F'D up and who hasn't gotten "lucky" when your in that sort of environment?? Look at his red eyes?? He's totally hammered! Please ppl... instant fame? I'd be doing the same thing!! Kristen and him look good together on and off screen. He's young and so is she. It won't last, so let them have their fun as young kids should.

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