Erika Dutra Gushes About Robert Pattinson

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No one is denying that Erika Dutra hung out with Robert Pattinson at a party at the French Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc on May 22.

But did the evening consist of more than just a single snapped photograph?

If so, the blonde Californian isn't kissing and telling. When asked about the actor by Star Magazine, Dutra simply said:

“We had a great time together! Rob's very sweet. He’s even better-looking in person than he is in photographs."

But is he good looking first thing in the morning, Erika? And did you get a chance to find out? Millions of Twilight fans are dying to know!

Rumors about Robert Pattinson and his dating life continue to fly. Which do you believe?

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I don't believe it. Reportedly all they did was shake hands.


he's a goog guy he seems like it but, just let him go out i mean it's not like it's the end of the world or anything!if he goes out with a girl just let him be and the relationship that he might have with this girl might not last long.


All I can say is that Rob is a good looking, famous, charmingly funny guy with new found fame and the world at this feet. Why is everyone so anxious to get him into a "relationship" with anyone?? Can't he just have fun and enjoy himself with who ever he wants, whenever he wants like any healthy 23 year old guy should? Stop trying to tie him down to anyone for the LOVE OF GOD! Especially 'cause if he does get into a serious relationship, he won't be available for ME :) Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!!


Bravo Diane! Don't we have enough going on in the world to worry about? Leave this poor guy alone! All celebrities alike...we are to enjoy them on the screen, that is their job and their gift and that is what we pay for. No need to encroach on their personal lives. I'm a nurse and we get a bit upset if patients track us down as well. Possibly because it is called STALKING folks!!!!!


I get such a kick out of this story. My family made me blow out a b-day candle on my birthday cupcake, so I wished to meet Robert. The next morning, what do I see but a story about him hooking up with some with the same name as me. Not quite what I was looking for, but a person named Erika (Eryka)did meet him!!


I totally agree!! And btw 'Amused' - theres a big difference between reading and following stories on someone and literally following people around all day just waiting for something they can twist into their own stupid, rediculous story. And also, you are reading it too ?


I definately agree with Diane K. Granted, we all enjoy hearing how our Rob is doing in his career, but all of this crap about his personal life is just getting irritating. LEAVE HIM ALONE!! He deserves to have at least a few things that are private in his life. As a public figure he has to give up a certain amount of anonymity, it just comes with the territory, but for Christ's sake he is human and deserves to have some privacy in some areas of his life. Can we maybe back off a bit guys and give him some room to breathe?!?


Not that I disagree but.... here you are reading and following it.


Bravo Diane K! I couldn't have said it better myself! It is shameless how they hound people. My only wish is that Rob is happy, no matter whom he decides to date or not date... and that he's fulfilled in his career as well! That goes for any of these young actors and actresses that seem to be the topics of news fodder everywhere.


Leave the poor young man alone. He is just doing a great job as an actor. He does not need the press and all the blood sucking photographers after him constantly spillling a bunch of lies about him. His personal life is his business and no one elses. It's shameless and embarassing the way the press is hounding another human being day after day. Just because they are famous on the basis of their career, doesn't give you the right to speculate his personal freedom as a human being. Due to the actions of the photographers-whose has a chance to have a personal life. Turn the camera on yourself's and see how you would feel.