Elizabeth Edwards on Rielle Hunter: There's No Excuse

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Elizabeth Edwards may have terminally cancer, but she's not fading away into the sunset quietly - she's apparently determined to take down Rielle Hunter.

On Thursday's Oprah Winfrey Show, Elizabeth once gain slammed the mistress of her husband John - this time on television. The gloves are coming off.

Elizabeth recalled to Winfrey how Rielle Hunter - whom she never mentioned by name picked up her husband in a hotel, telling him, "You are so hot."

It was as awkward hearing the terminally ill, scorned wife recall and try to say this as it probably was to have witnessed it happen in the first place.

"There is no excuse for women to do this," said Edwards, whose book, Resilience, is coming out soon. "Women need to have respect for other women."

"You can't just knock on that door and say you're out, I'm in," added the mother of three. "If you admire that life, you can't just take it. Build your own."


Elizabeth also discussed whether John Edwards is the father of Hunter's one-year-old daughter. Rielle now reportedly wants a paternity test after basically taking the fall for John and falling off the face of the planet after the story broke.

"I've seen a picture of the baby," she told Oprah. "I have no idea. It doesn't look like my children, but I don't have any idea."

John and Elizabeth say they working on repairing their 31-year marriage.

Asked if they are in a better place, John told Winfrey, "I feel like we're getting to it. It's not over, but we're getting to it. I love her. I care about her."

Says Elizabeth, "It's an ongoing process of finding your feet again. You know, finding, sort of retelling your story to yourself. There's a lot of adjustments to make. And when you talk about trust, I think that's probably the most difficult hurdle."

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To whomever posted the angry rant above, why so angry? Why would you call Elizabeth Edwards pathetic when she never asked for the cancer that will likely kill her, never asked for anything but fidelity and honesty from her husband of many years, and never asked for her 16 year old son to be killed in a car accident? The anger directed at Elizabeth Edwards is baffling and weird!
Life has certainly dealt her a rotten hand, and she is clearly the victim, but the entire point of her book is the choice she has made to not live her remaining life as a victim. She wants to leave this important legacy of strength in the face of adversity to her surviving children, and as a mom of 5, I applaud her. The other woman who committed adultery with John Edwards could learn much from lovely Elizabeth's honor, grace and judgement.


I know Elizabeth Edwards is hurt, but when she referred to the baby as IT..(it does not look my children)There's no excuse for that..That little baby didn't do anything..so she will live the rest of her life bitter....go figure...


I have no respect for homewreckers ofcourse, but when it comes right down to it....A solid 80 percent of fault belongs with the MARRIED man. He's the one who took vows, and thus he's the one that she needs to slam. The fact that she is slamming this Reille woman so hard and barely bashing her dirtbag cheating husband just makes her look like a doormat. Very sad.


I have no sympathy for John Edwards. I think he is selfish to the core. And I don't think Elizabeth Edwards is stupid. She's trying to make the best of a very ugly situation, not of her own making. Keep in mind, this woman is terminally ill. She doesn't have the time or health to leave him and find someone else -- or build a whole new life for herself. I'm guessing she just wants to keep things positive for her kids, as they're going to be dealing with misery soon enough, when their mom passes away. One thing I don't understand. Why do John & Elizabeth Edwards need a 28,000 square foot house? Why would anyone need a 28,000 square foot house?


Your CHEATING husband CHEATED too!! Are you that STUPID? Those two CHEATED TOGETHER!! Do you know what the word CHEATED means? STUPID E.E.!


Elizabeth E. is a STUPID PATHETIC woman!! Slam your own CHEATING husband-take him down as well!! HE CHEATED TOO!! Elizabeth E. SO STUPID SO PATHETIC and a DISGRACE!!

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