Danny Gokey: Best is Yet to Come!

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The winner of American Idol will either be Adam Lambert or Kris Allen.

But Danny Gokey isn't too sad over his name being left off that list, following the finalist's elimination last week.

"My whole testimony is overcoming," Gokey told reporters over the weekend. "Overcoming the impossible in my life, and now I want to take that message and tell people, 'If I can do it, you can do it.'"

Specifically, Danny is referring to the sad fact that his wife died just a few weeks before his initial American Idol tryout.

Danny Gokey, Adam Lambert Pic

American Idol title or not, Danny Gokey keeps a smile on his face.

During this summer's tour with his fellow top 10 finalists on the show, Gokey plans to take his inspiring message on the road. He'll also continue charity work for Sophia's Heart Foundation, an organization named in honor of his wife.

"I was a nobody, and this show turned me into somebody and I'll always be thankful for the roots that I came out of because I do believe that still the best has yet to come for me," Gokey said. "This is not the end of the road."


I dont like Kris Allen and Adam Lambert....well Danny has always and will always be my American Idol. Its very obvious Kris has many relatives to help him. So he got many votes. But for real talent, he is too far from Danny...well i just wish him the best of luck! For Danny, i believe you will soon on that stage again promoting your new album....i will always love you...


I felt really cheated that Danny didn't make the finale. It just didn't seem the same to me last night - just lacklustre, I think Danny would have made it far more interesting. I still believe he was to the most talented and felt that right from the first moment I saw him. Oh well.


I'm still grieving the loss of Danny BIG TIME. I know he will be on the finale, but it's just not right that he's not in the top 2. I think AI should have the total number of votes releasd each week so we can know what's what instead of the secret vote. I wouldn't put it past AI to rig the show to get the biggest payoff possible. Only problem is that Danny would have been the biggest payoff. He will have the last laugh. I LOVE YOU DANNY!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE YOU ON TOUR!


imwas so mad that danny did not go into the final to me kris sucks to me his voice is awful it should have been danny and adam adam should win over kris if kris wins the show is fixed some of the others were far better than kris danny was robbed when kris went into the finals i think adam is great he can sing anything kris was terribel in a lot of songs adam has wide range and was not given a bad feed back by any of the judges like kris was whats going on are people deaf or just dumb you go adam my young elvis


Danny Gokey will go far whether or not he was cast off of American Idol. He has an amazing voice! But, more than that, he emits good ole fashion midwest roots that speak of humility and gratefulness. Go get em, Danny.


Danny is a class act..he is soulful and sexy and at the same time, self effacing. I love him for this quality, and I know that he will go far, American Idol or no.We have enuf Adams in this world..go Danny go!!


He got a great voice like Micheal Mc Donald Danny got a rare voice he's great in R&B, POP, Jazz, Swing Jazz Big Band, Movie Sound Tracks. I will buy any of his products when it come out to the listen public he got my support. He should been there againist Adam in the final. But some record Producer is going to produce his products. Record Companies Attention Please--- Danny's free not for long he's Hot!!!!!!!!! He sang his butt off and has a great stage present. Pick Him UP or your company will lose money and a marketable Real Gentlemen


Danny is a Great Performer. Even though he was voted off American Idol I believe he has great things just around the corner. I was holding my breath last week hoping Adam would be sent home. I knew it was a long shot but I was still hoping. He does not deserve to be in the competition in my opinion. He is as someone posted earlier in a league all of his own. A league that should not allow him on American Idol. Adam was just too predictable and it became boring watching him. Every week it was either slow and that same screach! Its hard to watch Cris and his funny mouth movements but he has my vote over Adam any day.


Danny is a great entertainer! Has a unique voice and will do well! I believe his wife above will watch over him and make sure he won't be driven to the fast lane life of a performer! I agree he'll be a singer similar to Michael McDonnell or Phil Collins. I actually voted over 100 times for him since I can't stand watching Chris's mouth when he s sings and Adam well he's in a league of his own! Danny your my #1 American Idol.


I am extremely disappointed that Danny Gokey didn't get
to the finals of American Idol. He has a wonderful voice
and is truly an amateur compared to Adam who is and has
been a professional performer for a few years now. I have
always said Adam is a "ringer". I hope Kris wins.

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