Cocktail Taunts Tila Tequila: Step Off, Ray J!

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It's hard to believe that women named Cocktail and Tila Tequila don't get along.

But after the latter referred to the former's boyfriend, Ray J, as "her baby," and specifically said that she was dating the sex tape director, it's little wonder Cocktail takes issue with Tequila.

In a new video, the For the Love of Ray J champion is sitting on a bar, donning lingerie and sending a message to Tila: step the f$%k off! Watch below:


tila t. is disgusting, she was goin the right way there for a min, thne the next thing you know, she screwed it all up again, the re is a new girl Iseen in a mag today, gainin exposure from myspace, she's white beautiful and has a big booty, i hope she doesn' tmess it up too! marcy diamond. she's hot!


hate tila LOVE cocktail


i would totally choose cocktail over tequila. She is just more classier than tequila who is such an attention whore.

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