Chris Pine & Audrina Patridge: Sort of Confirmed Couple!

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Gossip that Hollywood hotties Audrina Patridge and Chris Pine are dating has kind of been confirmed by a certain friend of hers ... named Lauren Conrad!

Not shockingly, LC couldn't be happier that her Hills costar found new romance with the Star Trek hunk. After all, he's pretty much the anti-Justin-Bobby.

Lauren Conrad: VH1 Diva

"He is a really cute guy, and I'm happy for her," Conrad said.

Lauren Conrad was at the Havaiana's and Details event honoring her own beau, My Boys actor Kyle Howard, 31, in Hollywood on Wednesday night.

Asked if Audrina and Chris make a cute couple, she said, "Sure!"

We'd have to agree!

Will Chris Pine boldly go where Justin-Bobby has been before?

Audrina Patridge, 24, first met Chris Pine, 28, in early April at ShoWest in Las Vegas, a source said. Things didn't take long to heat up after that.

On Friday, two weeks after the reality star was seen outside sci-fi actor's L.A. apartment building, the two began dating, meeting up for cocktails.

"They text a lot and are in regular contact," an Us Weekly source says.

Here's hoping this cute couple is for real - and it lasts.


Audrina IS dumb! WTF is he thinking? LOL


i love audrina, and lauren¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ xoxo


chris i think you hit your head on a huge rock, what the hell is he doing with that female dog. Go find someone who likes you plz. that female dog is a whoreeeeeeeeeeeee ok.


what kind of fuckin name is valerieeeeee u dumb ass get it straight ur dumb and audrina isn't u dont even know what ur talking about. u fuckin stupid ass this is for "la" i wonder what u talk about in your dates you dumbass. i fuckin bet you just talk about you hair, nails and dumb shot like that. you are the fuckin dumb one FUCK U


I love Audrina now that lauren is gone from the hills audrina can be tne next star of the hills. Even though nobody can do it like lauren audrina can also make a big hit. her and the guy from star trek make a great couple. he is hot and she isnt bad looking either. all the haters that have beef with audrina brin it cause im here to defend her... so dont mess with her. I love Audrina she is my idol and all have to say to her if you ever hear anybody talking about u just brush it off and keep walking!!!


what the fuck are you talking about? dumb? you don't even know her you fuckfaces. god, i hate nolifers like yourselfs. and crap, why don't she stick with justin? what the hell will the hills be without lauren, audrina and justin? booooring. CRAP.


He can do so much better. Audrina is dumb, Chris is way too smart for her, i hope he soon realizes that.


um...Audrina is too dumb. I wonder what they talk about on their dates.


Wow, Frank is a loser.
Chris Pine is on his way up, while Audrina is just floating there. It won't last, she hasn't been in a steady relationship in a very long time, as you can see on The Hills. She is a questionable woman. He'll have his fun with her, but when he's ready to settle into a real relationship, he'll start to look elsewhere. She's only good for one thing.


this is so sad. he can do so much better! she is dumber than dirt.

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